Your Guide To Travel Budgeting Like A Pro

Life is expensive, and throwing travel into the mix seems like a financial nightmare. Except – it doesn’t have to be, if it’s done right! If you allow yourself to be flexible, there are tons of ways to save money on traveling so it really won’t seem scary at all. Check out our resources on travel budgeting and helpful tips below! 


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Travel Budgeting For The Adventurer
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Travel Budgeting For The City Lover
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Here's exactly how to snag travel deals


5 Universally Successful Travel Budget Tips


Travel Out Of Season 


Unless you need to for work or personal reasons, consider traveling on the off season. Peak tourist times are the when you see the highest prices, and airfare tends to be much more expensive too. Try saving summer for local trips or destinations within driving distance, then look at prices for fall and winter travel. 


Use One Of These Discount Travel Tools


Companies like SkyscannerHopper App, and Expedia are extremely useful when it comes to saving on trips. They provide the best discounted airline prices, amazing hotel deals, and bundling options so your entire trip’s price is cut down. Download the free apps for best usage, and sign up for alerts so you’ll always know when an opportunity pops up. 


Pick Somewhere With Lots Of Free Attractions


The easiest way to do this is choose a destination that’s naturally beautiful, like Canada, California, Montana, etc. National Parks are another great place to shoot for, as the tickets aren’t often super expensive and you can find lodging close to the park. Beaches and coastlines are also fun to visit and of course, free. 


Don’t Let Restaurants Vacuum Your Money


Eating out is one of the biggest sources of financial pain. Restaurants sometimes seem like they’re the only option, but they’re filled with inflation – and we don’t need more of that! Consider an “eating out schedule”, so you still get to experience restaurants in other places but you’re able to avoid overspending. Make sure a grocery store is conveniently close, and stock up there for your other meals and snacks. 


Use A Rewards Card


Travel rewards cards may seem like a hassle, but they’re easy to use, and as the name states – rewarding. Rack up points and see how they build even after one trip, then discover the hefty dollar amount that you get back. People save thousands each year with travel rewards cards like Capital One Venture Rewards and Citi Premier Card. You can see a more conclusive list of travel rewards cards here

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