Why and how to go tech-free during vacation

Why take a technology detox?


how to go tech-free during vacation


Technology is probably stressing you out, even if you don’t realize it. Full of stimulation, the digital world is overwhelming and constant. Bright screens take us away from the world surrounding, and being so invested in technology can affect your overall happiness. Especially applicable if you’re a professional in the digital industry, it’s essential for mental wellness to take a step back.


Where should I go if I want to get off my phone?


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It’s probably not best to experience city travel while taking a tech detox. Phones are useful and necessary when it comes to navigation and communication around a busy area, so while you can still limit tech use in a city, it’s better to explore other areas.

Consider a place that you’re familiar with, that you’ve either done heavy research about or have traveled to before. Traveling with friends or family is a great idea if you’re distancing from technology, as this will allow for more real-world distractions and entertainments. Going tech-free can also help strengthen relationships and connections.


6 Ultimate Tips for A Tech-Free Vacation


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Set Limits


Download any playlists so they don’t require internet, and turn your phone on for music listening. Turn off your notifications for texts and social media, and leave your phone in a backpack pocket if you’re spending time outdoors.


Experience the art scene


Visit a place that’s full of art and culture, so that way you can experience real media first-hand. Since we spend so much time on Pinterest and Instagram looking at digital design, engaging in activities like visiting art galleries, museums, and fascinating architecture are great ways to entertain yourself without your phone.


Pack games, books, and crafts that don’t require internet


If you’ve been wanting to get into reading, a tech-free vacation is the perfect way to start. Pack a couple of books that fit your interests, and read during any downtime. Additionally, if you’re traveling with any companions pack games that you


Get inspired by nature


There’s nothing more inspiring than our own geography. Travel somewhere with a different climate, geographical range, and overall scenery. There may be some unexpected surprises out there that you don’t know about, and give yourself some exceptions to take pictures of the wild!


Ease into tech-free by practicing before vacation


Work in some pre-vacation rehearsal time and practice putting your phone down before the big event. This way, you’re already used to taking some breaks which makes tech detox less intimidating.

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