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What is CBD? Why does it matter? Who is it for? Does it work?

I’m sure that you and many others have often had any one or all of these questions come to mind anytime you hear or read those three letters: CBD. I know that I certainly have been asked each and every one many times any time I’ve shared, messaged, or written about products made with CBD. 

Rather than dive into a long breakdown of each one, I think that it is safe to say that there is a multitude of information available today on each of these subjects, and that is not why you landed on this article today.

Today, I want to share a new product line with all of you, that is, in my opinion, changing the scope of what we think and imagine a CBD company can do to flip the script. Let me introduce the Veryvell Product line by Truss CBD. For me, they have taken something that I love to drink (Sparkling Water) and made it into something more! Maybe sparkling water isn’t your thing though, and that is where the Veryvell Beverage Drops become the new hero in the CBD arena.


A great place to start in this new journey into what CBD can mean for you, would be to take a quick look behind the curtain of the company that has produced these new products. First of all, Truss didn’t want to be just another CBD company. There have been many popping up in recent years. They began with the intention of being a beverage company that would be “forging a new space at the intersection of the beverage world and the CBD frontier”

It is truly genius to take a product that has really been picking up speed in the beverage industry (Sparkling Water) and make it truly into something more, something that would not only be refreshing, but also provide a powerful blend of hemp CBD and adaptogens to help the body focus, unwind, and relax in rejuvenating meditation. 

Truss has its roots in Colorado and has earned the title “Colorado Proud” from the Colorado Department of Agriculture. This says so much about how they feel about their commitment to the quality of every product they produce and plan to produce in the future. 

But, enough about the Truss. (Even though I could go on about their background and process) I’d like to dive further into what really brought my attention to them: The beverages!


A Beverage to Level Up Your Concentration

There are so many ways in which I love the Veryvell Focus Sparkling Water. The first reason has to be the taste. Each sparkling water selection is naturally infused for flavor. The Focus blend is flavored with Grapefruit and Tarragon, both of which are flavors from my childhood. The beauty is that the flavor is not overpowering at all. In fact, each can of Focus has 0 grams of sugar, and 0 calories. The flavoring is subtle, and truly refreshing while I’m working on projects, taking calls, or just out walking to plan for the day.

The flavor is only the beginning though. The Focus flavor also contains 20 mg of Hemp CBD plus the natural adaptogens of guarana and ginseng. Both ingredients have been shown historically to help aid the body with clarity, focus, and memory retention.


A Beverage to Help Relax and Release the Stress of the Day

I don’t think there is a better way to relax at the end of the day than to turn off the electric devices that govern the majority of our waking hours, grab a good book and sit back and unwind. There is something healing about being free from the noise of everything we see on our screens each day. 

Veryvell’s Unwind Sparking Water adds to this experience with a delightful blend of Blueberry and Lavender and it combines Ashwagandha and L-Theanine as perfect adaptogens to help the body release the stress that has accumulated during the day.

Unwind, just as the other 2 choices has 0 grams of sugar and 0 calories and includes the 20 mg of hemp CBD. 

This perfect pairing of flavor, freshness, hemp CBD, and adaptogens is just the thing that I look for when signing off from work and relaxing to get ready for sleep. It also helps me to rest more deeply.


A Beverage to Aid During Moments of Reflection and Meditation

Meditation is a practice that I have adopted into my morning routine for several years now. It has helped me in so many ways, and being able to have a beverage to compliment that has been such a meaningful experience. 

The Veryvell Mind & Body Sparkling Water was crafted for this specific purpose. Its mix of natural flavors, hemp CBD, and natural adaptogens combine to aid the body’s natural process to get into a relaxed state of peace and tranquility.

This time the flavor notes come from strawberry and hibiscus, a pleasant combination to add a touch of sweetness to enrich the peace of the moment. It also sports 0 grams of sugar and 0 calories and includes a mix of Ashwagandha and Elderberry. Both of which have been used for centuries in traditional Indian medicines to help the body combat the effects of stress and thus aiding with the practice of meditation.

I can’t think of a more meaningful way to begin the day, than combining my regular practice of meditation and the addition of Veryvell’s Mind & Body Sparkling Water to set my mind for the day ahead of me.

Perfect Drops for Every Beverage with Veryvell Beverage Drops

Now for those of you who may like to play around a bit more with flavors, and beverage choices, the Veryvell Beverage Drops will be perfect for you. They each have the same blends of adaptogens, and each bottle is packed with 500 mg of hemp CBD. Simply add 2 drops into your favorite beverage and you can upgrade any choice into a restorative option. The possibilities are endless!

Where Do You Buy Veryvell Beverages and Beverage Drops?

If you couldn’t tell already, this is a beverage option that I have loved to incorporate into my day-to-day routine. For any of you that would like to give it a try and see how Veryvell can be a great standalone beverage choice or a fun and playful to upgrade your usual beverages, then you can head over to Truss CBD’s website here and order a case or more to try. You can also click the button below to dive right in and experience them firsthand.

All Sparkling Water options have 0 grams of sugar and have 0 calories. Each can of Veryvell Sparkling Water will have its specific blend of adaptogens and 20 mg of hemp CBD to give you a natural boost during the day of clarity and balance. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts and for any of you trying out the drops we can share fun drink recipes and mixes.

Thanks to our friends at Truss CBD, you can enjoy 20% off your purchase by clicking on the link below. The discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

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