Adventurous Things To Do in New Zealand

If there’s one country that’s “got it all”, it has to be New Zealand. New Zealand is the heart of adventure, packed with rainforests, glaciers, volcanoes, the Southern Alps, and alpine vistas. This extremely unique country promises tourists a trip they won’t expect – one full of glowworm caves, sand dune riding, and speed boat traversing. Here are some of the greatest adventure-packed activities of New Zealand:




snowy mountain, New Zealand


Picture this: a helicopter drops you off with your skis at the tip-top of the Southern Alps, where you begin your thrilling descent down the frosty mountain. Heli-skiing is every ski lover’s dream, and you don’t have to be an experienced expert to hop on board (however, you should have some ski time under your belt). There’s no dreamier place to heli-ski than New Zealand, so if your visit permits, give this electrifying activity a shot. 


Where can I find heli-skiing in New Zealand?


The most common place to heli-ski in New Zealand is Queenstown. You can read more about Queenstown and heli-skiing here. Other great places to look are Harris Mountains Heli-Ski, Powderhounds, and




glow worm cave


New Zealand caves are like a work of art. Mystifying and fascinating, the country’s caverns are naturally lit with intriguing features like glowworms, some carved with small bridges and staircases for you to explore as much as possible. New Zealand’s cave tours will make you feel like you’ve stepped your way into a movie. Additionally, cave tours are peaceful and relaxing.

Find information on the best cave tours in New Zealand on Get Your Guide 






Have you ever ridden down a waterfall at max speed? Rafting in New Zealand is one of the most popular activities the country has to offer. It’s also one of the best rafting locations in the entire world.

World-famous Rotorua Rafting takes you through the Kaituna River, home to Ōkere Falls, Kaituna Falls, and the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world – the 7m Tutea Falls. Another exceptional alternative is the Waitomo Caves: Labyrinth Black Water Rafting Experience. During this action-packed tour, you’ll speed through mysterious glowworm infused caverns, and experience black water tubing.


Off Roading


gorgeous mountains in New Zealand


If you’re not afraid to get a little dirty, consider New Zealand’s off-road trails. Off-roading is a great way to see the scenic wilderness and countryside, while throwing in a little adventure. Don’t expect to cruise along a quiet road, however, as these routes can get a little rowdy. Loose gravel and steep hills stand in your way, but once you get past them the end result is rewarding. 

The trails, duration, and level of difficulty will vary depending on where you are in the country. In Northland, you can find cosmic sand dunes on Ninety Mile Beach, and in Marlborough you might run into some sheep. Either way, off-roading is a super exciting and riveting escapade.

Off-roading trails can be found on AllTrails and OffRoadNZ


Jet Boating


During this extreme ride, you’ll endure rippling waters, high speed, and 360-degree spins. You’ll laugh, yell, and feel your pulse increase as the journey continues through gaping rivers and narrow canyons. There’s only one rule to remember – don’t fall!

See jet boating tours on Viator and TripAdvisor





One of the most adrenaline rushing activities out there, skydiving in New Zealand strongly rivals other locations. At the “adventure capital of the world” you can drop from the sky at a wild height of 19,000 feet. You may be thinking how insane this idea sounds, but after one dive you’ll be hooked. From soaring over glaciers, islands, and forests, it’s an adventure you won’t ever forget. 


Where can I find skydiving in New Zealand?


Look directly on sites like Skydive New Zealand, Skydive Queenstown, and Taupo Tandem Skydiving for tickets and the most accurate information. You can also see pictures and videos of the shocking scenery and intense adventure. 




If you’re a true adventure lover, you’ve probably been ziplining a few times before. It’s a little less rousing than skydiving, but stimulates your thrill senses nonetheless. Free fall sensation drops, cavern ziplining, and treetop challenges are only a few of the adrenaline-rushing zipline tours in New Zealand. In addition, ziplining is one of the best ways to uncover New Zealand’s magical topography from above. 

The easiest way to find tickets for New Zealand ziplining is through TripAdvisor.


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