Tanzania’s Top Attractions

Tanzania is a country in East Africa, maintaining a powerful reputation for its many enticing wilderness areas. The region is also home to Mount Kilimanjaro, along with 22 National parks. For a voyage full of safari adventures and a rich encompassing of culture, Tanzania is the place to go. Here are some of Tanzania’s main attractions: 


Explore Zanzibar Island


Zanzibar Island is located in the Indian Ocean, just 15 miles off the coast of Tanzania. With some of the most unique and beautiful beaches in the world, Zanzibar is a must-see destination. Enjoy some of the many crystal clear beaches, go scuba diving off the coast, or explore the World Heritage Site of Stone Town, Zanzibar City’s old quarter. 

The several beaches of Zanzibar island include Jambiani, Paje, Nungwi, and Matemwe. The Stone Town of Zanzibar exemplifies a classic Swahili trading town, developed on the coast of East Africa. Stone Town is an extraordinary region to collect cultural knowledge, under European, Arab, and Indian influences. 

Aside from taking in the sun and relaxing on the beach, Zanzibar’s Island is also an exceptional snorkeling spot. Dolphins and other captivating marine life reside near the island’s coast, making scuba diving a popular activity. 




Visit the famous Mount Kilimanjaro


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see one of the most famous mountains in the world! Climbing the incredible Mount Kilmanjaro is a real possibility when visiting Tanzania, however not every guest may be capable of reaching the peak of this 19,000 foot tall mountain. There are many trails to journey on, such as the Rongai Route, the easiest of the bunch, or the Lemosho Route, which offers some of the most alluring scenery. Consider each individual option prior to your visit, since any of the trails require preparation and knowledge about the area. 




Serengeti National Park


Nothing depicts authentic, genuine Africa quite like the Serengeti National Park. The landscapes are full of encapsulating wildlife such as zebras, lions, cheetahs, tigers, and giraffes, up-close in their natural habitat. The Serengeti Hippo Pool is a spot where over 100 wild hippos call home, filled with lakes and swampy ponds. In addition, multiple safaris are hosted, so you aren’t lacking on choices when it comes to wildlife viewing. 

 Balloon Safaris are another adventurous pick, located in Seronera. During this expedition, travelers can embark on a hot air balloon journey, up above the grassy plains that host Tanzania’s wildlife. Serengeti National Park is a world of its own, complete with remarkable views and a safari experience. 

The most well-known event of Serengeti is the annual wildebeest migration, which occurs in May or early June. During this exciting time, over 1.5 million wildebeest, and thousands of zebras and gazelles travel around the lands, a majestic sight and popular occasion for tourists. 




Ngorongoro Crater


You’ve probably never heard of the Ngorongoro Crater before, but this astonishing destination packs a punch. The Ngorongoro Crater was long ago a giant volcano, and is now the largest intact caldera in the world. Today, it has transformed into a long stretched highland area, with the crater centerpiece plunging 600 M deep. A now scenic attraction and wildlife sanctuary, Ngorongoro Crater offers an experience like no other. 




Ruaha National Park


If seeing elephants is on the top of your bucket list, then Ruaha National Park is the place to go. Ruaha tops the list as Tanzania’s largest national park, and has one of the largest populations of elephants in the country. However, it is also the least accessible park in Tanzania. The park’s main attraction is the Great Ruaha River, which provides phenomenal wildlife viewing.



Tanzania Travel Tips

  1. Carry cash and know estimated activity costs beforehand 
  2. Drink plenty of water consistently through your trip 
  3. Book a night at a Safari Lodge 
  4. Don’t drink the water – stock up on bottled water

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