Luxury. Safari. Magic.
TAASA Lodge is all three. There is truly no comparison to waking up in comfort right in the middle of nature.
I have no words. Magic is the only word that comes close to describing the experience of staying with at TAASA. From the minute you arrive, the TAASA family is there to greet you and welcome you into their community.

TAASA is not just a lodge, but it is also a vibrant community where everyone works together to make the guest experience one that you will surely remember. Each and every detail is thought out, from the welcoming common areas, the dining experience, your room, and also the people you meet. Each day while you stay you are engaged in various activities in nature. TAASA is unique for the ability to depart the roads and really explore in the Serengeti with your guide. The other amazing benefit is the ability to experience the wildlife at night. It is an experience that you will remember always.

The walking tours introduce you to the culture of the people and quite of ten your meals will be joined with some passing elephants and other wildlife. It literally will take your breath away as you see how nature and people can co-exist in peace.

We invite you to explore further and learn more about TAASA Lodge and book your next amazing safari experience with them.