Slovenia: What To Do, When To Go, and The Country’s Best Ski Resorts

Slovenia: A mysterious yet thrilling vacation spot


Slovenia, is a country in Central Europe, known for its rugged mountains, famous ski resorts, lakes, and exotic landscape. Travel here if you’re an adventure lover, thrill-seeker, culture aficionado, and outdoor recreationalist. Slovenia is also home to some of the world’s most iconic castles, like Bled Castle engulfed by the Alps. No matter what you’re destined to see, Slovenia promises a unique and exciting experience. 


What Can I Do In Slovenia? 


body of water near forest


Visit Lake Bled & It’s Island


Lake Bled is one of the most frequently visited attractions in the country. The alluring views of the lake stand out in itself, and its accompanying island can be reached by a series of almost 100 stairs. If you visit Lake Bled, note that it’s considered good luck to ring the island’s church bell when setting foot on land.


Trek Through Triglav National Park


sunset on mountains


Named after the country’s tallest mountain, Triglav National Park exhibits views that are overwhelming to the eyes. With breathtaking perspectives of the mountains, lakes, trees, and pastures, this region exemplifies Solvenia’s beauty perfectly. You can also participate in adventurous activities here such as rafting and skydiving. 


Travel Through Mysterious Caves



There’s over 20 caves in the country’s entirety, most of which are accessible by guests. Slovenia’s caves are mystical, magical, and slightly intimidating. They’ll keep you guessing for days about the formations, history, and mysterious innuendos you may catch while visiting. Some of the country’s most beautiful caves include: 


  • Postojna Cave
  • Skocjan Cave
  • Dimnice Jama
  • Hell Cave
  • Cross Cave
  • Crna Jama Cave
  • Ledena Jama Cave

Explore Solvenia’s Powerful Castles


castle in Slovenia


Slovenia is scattered with stunningly remarkable castles, radiating the country’s rich culture. If you find yourself in Slovenia, you can’t miss its castles, as they’re some of the world’s most beautiful and eccentric attractions. And if you’re not already a history lover, you may convert into one after seeing these: 


  • Predjama castle – engulfed by a cave 
  • Bled castle – situated on a plunging cliff
  • Otocec Castle – built on a river island  
  • Celje Castle – one of the world’s largest and most powerful castles
  • Ljubljana Castle – in the heart of the capital  

Visit The Coastal Towns of Koper and Piran


Piran, Slovenia


Koper is a charming town, known for its quaint shopping scene and incredible views of Praetorian Palace. Piran is the perfect place for eating, shopping, and experiencing Slovenia’s local culture. 


Discover Slovenia’s Crashing Rivers and Deep Canyons


Great Soča Gorge and Tolmin Gorges are two of the most well known, although there are tons of other nature preserves that will shock your system. Gaping canyons, vast forests, and cascading rivers – these destinations are a wilderness lover’s dream.


Downhill Ski and Snowboard 


snow covered mountains


Cascade down the Alps at max speed at one of Slovenia’s sought-after ski resorts. These powdery trails are dotted along the country’s sky-scraping mountains, and offer quite the adrenaline-rushing adventure. Here are Slovenia’s best ski resorts: 


When Should I Visit Slovenia? 


Slovenia’s nicest weather occurs from June-September. September is known for its perfect, moderate temperatures and crowd-beating activity, although the country isn’t as touristy as most others throughout the year. Slovenia is snowy and icy during the winter, which is when most travelers visit the ski resorts. In the summer, it’s breezy, sunny, and beautiful.

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