San Diego: Wineries, Flower Fields, and Luxe Beaches

Coastal Cruises and Sailing 


sunset in the ocean


70 miles of coastline has formed San Diego, all of which is made up of some of the country’s greatest beaches. The bustling city attractions are exciting and widely known, but there’s nothing more invigorating than sailing into the ocean off SD’s glittering coast. There are several cruise and boat excursions that can be found here on TripAdvisor, including San Diego Harbor Cruises, Sunset Cruises, Dinner Cruises, Whale Watching, Yachting,  and Sailing Excursions. There’s an option for literally everyone, and each cruise sets a different tone. Maybe you envision yourself watching the sun slowly diminish while enjoying a glass of red, or you’re more interested in swapping the wine for tequila on a lively party boat. Take your pick, and discover the extraordinary views. 


The Flower Fields Festival

A prepossessing stretch of blooming flowers that extends over 50-acres of land; the Flower Fields in San Diego are pure remarkable. If you’re looking for creative ways to spend time outdoors, this is it. Or, take your own creativity to the next level with a photoshoot and painting session. Observe the miles of gorgeous botanicals while sipping herbal tea and participating in yoga. Whatever the occasion, The Flower Fields are a unique, stunning destination of Southern California that shouldn’t be missed.  

Local food trucks flood the area as visitors take their leisure time strolling through the garden. Once you enter the flower field’s realm, you can just feel instant peace and joy radiate through. The fields are not only structured for entertainment and visual appeal, however. They’re actually a product of almost 85 years. Luther Gage, an early settler and horticulturalist created this elaborate floral cultivation in the early 1920’s, originally by growing seeds next to his neighbor Frank Frazee’s vegetable farm. The field continued to build and grow, as the tradition of growing ranunculus amongst the Frazee family resumed.

You can often see destination weddings being held at the Flower Fields, as well as various outdoor events. The Sweet pea maze and Orchid Greenhouse are just two to name, but with the 50 acres of land space, you’re guaranteed to see more than expected. The Flower Fields are a gem of San Diego; unique, fascinating, and soothing. 

Explore the Flower Fields Festival here




San Diego beach


It’s impossible to visit anywhere in California without exploring the breathtaking beaches, especially San Diego’s many spots. San Diego is known for many things, but its luxurious beaches are at the top of the list. There’s a spot for every type of traveler, whether it’s a party group or a big family. Surfing the intimidating coastal waves or watching the sunset amongst a bonfire; the opportunities are endless when it comes to these magnificent beaches. 




Carlsbad is divided between the City Beach and State Beach (Tamarack and South). It’s known for being relaxing, casual, and quiet. 

Carlsbad is often filled with families, couples, surfers, or joggers. It’s an exceptional location for athletic activities of all kind given the elongated stretch of coastline and bordered sidewalks for running and biking. 


La Jolla Cove Beach 


La Jolla Cove offers both a convenient location and relaxing vibes. You can feel like you’ve escaped to a tropical oasis while also remaining close to town. Another coastal point that’s popular for families and couples, La Jolla Cove boasts a friendly, chill environment that’s welcome to everyone. 

Calming, gentle waves crash while surfers practice their skill and boats zip by. Scripps Pier  is toward the shore, which is home to shops and cafes for breakfast and lunch. Aesthetically pleasing palm trees are arranged right outside the beach, which gives that classic California feel. 




Encinitas beach is the ultimate mix of family-friendly yet appealing to teens and big groups alike. Also known as Moonlight Beach due to the incredible sunset views. Additionally, this is where people used to hang out in the middle of the night back in the early 1900’s 

Tourists and locals are attracted to the free and easy way of life at Encinitas. There are also various amenities that are found here, including volleyball courts, concessions, restrooms, showers, and a playground. 


Coronado Beach


Coronado is the definition of beauty and opulence. No matter where you look, picturesque views are in sight, luxurious houses are on every corner, and famous landmarks such as Hotel Del Coronado.

Coronado Beach is not typically party-centric given its exclusive vibes. Therefore, you’re more likely to see families, small groups, and couples here. There are bathrooms and showers here, and it’s right around the corner from Orange Avenue, where you can grab a drink and bite to eat at one of the many locations. 


Wineries and wine tasting



Ponte Winery


Take one step into Ponte Winery and you’ll instantly feel your daily stressors melt away. This elegant and rustic vineyard has everything you could possibly want in a winery. Come with your friends, family, or significant other and enjoy the charming tasting room that’s set upon a 300 acre vineyard in Temecula wine country. Dinner reservations are highly recommended, as Ponte is a hot commodity. As you sip on that natural glass on Cabernet, enjoy the mountain views and rolling hills that sit peacefully amongst the grape fields.


Leoness Cellars



Another breathtaking winery in San Diego; Leoness Cellars. Here, you won’t realize you’re in San Diego, as the magical vineyards are that of another world. Not only that, but some of the finest and most sophisticated wines in Temecula are found here, so there’s no shortage of enjoyment. Reserve a spot on a vineyard tour, become more knowledgeable about fine wines, and enjoy food food along the way. 


Carruth Cellars Urban Winery


With the option of four diverse tasting rooms in or around San Diego, Carruth Cellars Winery is unlike any other. As it states in the name, this winery is an urban, modern, and chic establishment with a SoCal aesthetic. This trendy spot also produces a diverse selection of smooth, delicious wines, as well as a daily charcuterie selection. Seating is first come first serve, so no reservations necessary. Another unique attribute of Carruth Cellars is their approach to wine tours. The “Coast to Country Tour” begins at Carruth Cellars in Solana Beach and travels by van to San Pasqual Valley in Escondido. Guests enjoy a flight of reserve vines and a remarkable scenic drive. Once arrived, members also have the opportunity to taste fine wines at Orfila Winery & Vineyards. 


Pali Winery Co


Paying a visit to Pali Winery means also experiencing the Little Italy of San Diego. This charming tasting room takes pride in their decadent Pinot Noir and crisp Chardonnay. Pali Winery is a lively place that is often for a quick drink, or extended experience. Either way, the leisure ambiance and mix of rustic charm and SoCal personality is hard to beat. Guests can embark on a wine tasting journey that includes the addition of tasty food pairings. Live music and comedy shows are also held at Pali Winery, so visitors receive a fun, jovial experience. 


Wilson Creek Winery & Vineyards


Wilson Creek ties together kind heartedness with lavish elegance. Once you begin touring the alluring, golden vineyards, it’ll feel like you’ve been sent to an authentic Italian winery. The Wilson Creek tasting room boasts a calming, yet intriguing atmosphere, and the flourishing grounds are open to any type of traveler. Perfect for a romantic getaway, girl’s trip, or any other pleasurable occasion. Ample places to sit back and enjoy your glass (or bottle) create a both intimate yet hospitable environment. Dim lit in the evening, and illuminated with the California sun during daytime hours, Wilson Creek is tranquility unmatched. 


San Diego is full of surprises, pristine beaches, and endless fun. It’s one of those cities that inspires, where you’re driven to just live in the moment. If you’re planning on visiting sunny San Diego, explore some of the greatest travel accessories. 


Skincare Sets


The intoxicating sun of SoCal is good for the soul, but not so much for the skin. We’re all about keeping your skin healthy, and this especially applies while traveling in and out of diverse climates. 


Glossier The Essential Edit 


Cleanser, moisturizer, lash stick, and more! Glossier’s Essential Edit travel kit packs in all you need for your daily skincare routine in sufficient sizes to last. 

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Made specifically for dry skin – this introductory set is created with transformational ingredients like Okinawa algae and hyaluronic acid. We know Tatcha is a life changing brand, so there’s nothing that can top a kit full of its superior products. 

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Shoulder bags that do the job while maintaining aesthetic is what we’re all looking for. Backpacks are just right for hikes and excursions, purses are a dinner date style attribute, but shoulder bags are just right for long outings – especially in San Diego. 


Kate Spade Harlow Crossbody Bag


This crossbody bag by Kate Spade is amazing for packing in all your daily essentials and extra items. It’s made with durable leather, and maintains a sleek, classic design. Keep your phone, journal, light jacket, and anything else you desire in here. 

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Your phone, chargers, airpods, and credit cards can all be held in this incredibly useful accessory. It comes in various earthy, pastel colors and keeps you from digging all the way down to the bottom of your bag. Perfect for travel and daily use.
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