How It All Began

We started People Of The World project as a way to connect everyone during the 2020 pandemic, when the freedom we used to have was modified, and the new “normal” was unfamiliar and different. We wanted to create something that would bring some smiles, brighten the new (and then gruesome) reality, and unite people across the globe.

We followed the safety protocols meticulously as we traveled across the globe in the heat of the pandemic, driven by the idea we believed in and fueled by the receptivity and encouragement from the audience who read editorials we put together.
In the process we learned a lot of new things. We made new life-long friends. Fell in love with many different cultures.
Got to be a part of some amazing charitable causes. As we continued to grow the project, we encountered interest from galleries, magazines and print media. We felt strong that we wanted to make this something more than just “pictures for sale”. We felt that if we are to sell these pictures, then the world should benefit from them, too.
We found that no matter where in the world you live, no matter what faith or religion you practice, no matter what your social status is, poverty has no geographical boundaries, we mourn the same way, we cry for same and/or similar reasons. We also found that the essense of happiness is the same for all people around the globe. We found that we dream about similar things and smile for same reasons. Hope finds its way into every home and every heart.
We hope that by capturing what we saw and experienced while connecting the world during one of the most challenging times in the modern history, we can take our project a step further, put more smiles on more faces, and make this world a better place.
After 2020 we all need it, wouldn’t you agree?

The Photographers

OLYA HILL brings her passion & professional background in production into all she does, both creatively and professionally. She brings year s of research into the psychology of customer behavior and is widely known for her work as the Creative Director for Living-Notes®. Her work in photography has been sought after by many g lobal brands. She maintains a leading edge on creating visual presentations that have wowed
reader s and clients alike.

Olya is a well-respected and sought-after thought leader and innovator in the fields of advertising and human psychology. She has developed unique methods of using color undertones and hues to shape viewer s emotional responses. While undetectable, these methods have been proven effective to promote specific reactions from readers when viewing images and videos. Her work has been featured in various digital and print publications such as Goop, NatGeo, Entrepreneur, Parents, Real Simple, and Thrive Global
to name a few. Her unique creative advertising ideas have been placed on the Times Square Billboards.

Olya Bio
Bobby Bio

BABAK (BOBBY) AMIREBRAHIMI, a Los Angeles based photographer, grew up among his dad’s rolls of film and camera lenses with many hours spent at shoots and in the darkroom having endless conversations on techniques, composition, and what it takes to create compelling images. Bobby’s singular perspective, creativity, and storytelling abilities combined with his technical perfection are apparent in every single one of his shots. He mainly draws inspiration from nature and people as he gravitates to create real, meaningful memories of moments when light, shadows, emotions, and imagination come together in perfect harmony.

His experience, expertise and ability to create are extremely diverse. Bobby is able to create imagery that one would expect to be found in National Geographic just as easily as capturing street style in a film-like matter. He is also fully accomplished in producing commercial imagery for clients. His unique take on seemingly ordinary objects & the ability to combine that with clients’ vision is one of Bobby’s biggest

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All pictures are printed by the Epson SureColor p9570 and/or Rolland DGA UV Flatbed Printers used by Getty Museum and fine art galleries.