Mykonos, Greece Travel Guide

Mykonos is a hot commodity for Greece travelers, and the island is reputable for its many luxurious assets. This vacation destination is well-known for its gorgeous beaches, charming shops, aesthetically pleasing views, and party environment. While Greece is made up of many wonderful points, Mykonos is a must-see attraction. Here is your ultimate Mykonos, Greece Travel Guide. 


Paradise Beach


The perfect depiction of oceanfront beauty and party atmosphere, Paradise Beach is a tourist favorite. This glowing seaside hub is known for its bustling, lively energy and unbeatable views. Travelers often come here to socialize, sip on drinks, and take in the intoxicating coastal sun. Paradise Beach sets the tone for a Mykonos vacation, and won’t leave you disappointed! 


shop downtown 


shops in downtown Mykonos, Greece


Downtown shops of Mykonos are part of what has cultivated this Greek island’s glamorous personality. Everything from modern interior design to fashionable street style can be found in these charming stores like Bazaar at Scorpios and FreeShop, to name a couple. In addition to clothing and home stores, Mykonos is also home to several impressive art galleries. 

Much of the design in both shops and galleries are tailored to accompany the classic whitewash of the island’s buildings. Art galleries are popping with bright colors, creating a bold contrast from the outside scene. Cruising the island’s stores can also be a great way to see the inner scope of the island and local culture. 


go sailing or boating 



sailing in Mykonos, Greece


The perfect Greece itinerary must include sunset sailing along the rocky coastline, or a full day cruise if you’re not in a time crunch. Boat tours can be exciting activities or more on the relaxing side, depending on what you prefer. You can find open tours on Viator for booking information. 


bike the island



famous windmills Mykonos, Greece


Bike rentals are conveniently placed around Mykonos such as  Mykonos Private Tour Cycling and you’ll frequently see locals and tourists cycling around the island. Biking in Mykonos can quickly turn into a sightseeing adventure, as you travel through the narrow maze of streets downtown, the rigid edges of Little Venice, cruise along the iconic windmills, or stop at the beach. 


beach hopping



gorgeous beach in Mykonos, Greece


Beach hopping is a must in Mykonos. Circling around the Greek island in various spots, no two beaches are the same. Agios loannis is a quiet and secluded beach that portrays some of the most picturesque views, while Paraga Beach is bustling with travelers. Beach clubs and island resorts are distributed amongst several of the beaches in Mykonos, and some oceanfront spots are only accessible by bike, ATV, or rental like Agios Sostis. 


visit Little Venice


Filled with visually pleasing bars, restaurants, and Italian inspired shops, Little Venice is one of the most beautiful attractions in Mykonos. Radiating with positive, lively energy, Little Venice is a Venetian inspiring hub. Aside from the diverse seaside stores and restaurants, Little Venice is also popular for its wild sunset views.


wine tasting



Wine tasting in Greece is an unconventional yet lavish experience. There are tons of delicious and distinctive wineries dispersed around Mykonos. Some significant locations to visit include 


  • Mykonos Viona Organic Farm 
  • Wine Bar Vinos 
  • Wine Room Mykonos

Each of the wineries radiate their own unique personalities, all of which emulate sophistication and contemporary vibes. Not to mention the wine is absolutely delicious, both red, white, and everything in between. 


best restaurants in Mykonos




With impeccable views of the ocean, Kadena is located on the side of Marina. In addition to its tranquil scenery, Kadena’s menu consists of some incredibly delicious Greek dishes. Here find a French salad with dried figs and triovolia or French Gnocchi with Salmon.

See Kadena here




A universally reputable and well-established eatery, M-Eating is one of the more glamorous spots in town. Enjoy some of the fine wines of Mykonos, along with the freshest ingredients. Lamb, veal, and fresh-caught tuna are frequently ordered here, and reservations are required. 

See M-eating here



Pepper is one of the best places in town for a quick bite to eat. Located in Little Venice, it’s conveniently placed for those browsing local businesses. Pepper also has an open kitchen so you can watch your food become prepared right in front of your seat, like a Greek style Hibachi. 

See Pepper here


Hippie Fish


Hippie Fish is both a lively beach club and restaurant combined. Fresh caught seafood fish and amazingly delicious sides are commonly enjoyed at Hippie Fish, and visitors can easily jump from the restaurant to the beach in no-time. 

See Hippie Fish here




Part of Elia Beach and hotel, this large restaurant is another popular seafood commodity. Elia’s architecture and interior decor are your Greek design dreams, along with the waterside views. At Elia you can find sophisticated dishes such as Octopus with Prosecco, Monkfish with Lemon, or lentils with coconut yogurt and brown rice

See Elia here


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