Exciting Things to Do in Chile

Chile is a narrow country in South America, bordered by the famous Andes Mountain Range, and neighbors with Argentina. If you take advantage of all that this beautiful region has to offer, you’ll journey through some once in a lifetime experiences that you’ll never want to stop sharing on Instagram. Here are some of the amazing things to do in Chile:


Mountaineering the Peaks and Volcanoes of Chile

Since seeing a volcano, or even hiking one, in person isn’t an opportunity brought to most of us every day, this activity is essential when visiting Chile. Chile is home to some of the tallest stretching mountains, including Ojos Del Salado, which stands at a whopping 22,614 feet. This world renowned peak is also the world’s highest volcano, which is covered only by a thin layer of ice.  Most of Chile’s mountains are climbable, and can be safely enjoyed by tourists and locals. However, it’s important to note that if you plan on tackling some of the actual trails, experience and training may be required depending on the mountain’s level of severity. Many Chilean mountains share their space with volcanoes, which is a particularly unique and exciting sight. Other than Ojos Del Salado, a few of Chile ‘s climbable mountains include Cerro El Plomo, Lascar Volcano, Valle De Luna, and San Jose Volcano. 


  • Cerro El Plomo

Cerro El Plomo is the largest visible peak from the city of Santiago. At about 17,795 feet, many believe that Cerro El Plomo is a great way to train for the most intimidating mountains of Chile.

  • Lascar Volcano

Lascar Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in Chile. It looks like a moderately sized mountain in appearance, although when you stand close, the top’s opening is visible. Lascar Volcano is safe to hike with a guide or group if you’re unfamiliar with the area, and is an unforgettable and unique experience.

  • Valle De Luna 

Valle De Luna, or “Valley of The Moon” is a more relaxing day hike, in a wide open desert valley surrounded by peaks. Sign up for a visit to the area, and you’ll instantly find yourself surrounded by vivid orange and tan colors, rocky hills, and the perfect place to snap some photos and watch the sunset. 

  • San Jose Volcano

Defined as a stratovolcano, or a volcano composed of hardened lava, San Jose is an eccentric sight to see. This volcano reaches slightly over 19,000 feet, and consists of four enormous summits for experienced climbers. This volcano is one of the most famous of the Andes, and while it might be slightly challenging for newcomers in the trekking game, it’s still a great landmark to view. 

Exploring the Famous Patagonia


If you’ve ever wondered where your favorite jacket’s brand name came from, Patagonia is shared by both Chile and Argentina, with a touch of the Andes mountains. It is necessary to plan ahead if you wish to visit Patagonia, as it covers about 400,000 square miles. Glaciers, mountains, national parks, and hiking routes all create the incredible panoramic view of Patagonia. Patagonia is like no other, and significantly derives from the typical mountainous landscape you might discover in other parts of the world. Even if you’re not a “nature person”, the views in this region are superior. 

Water Adventures 

White water rafting, kayaking, and boating are all coastal excursions offered near Chile’s border. Numerous rivers and lakes fill Chile, in which these exciting activities take place. Popular places to kayak include River Rio Maipo, River Rio Serrano, and River Rio Futaleufu. Luckily, you have a choice between a tranquil ride along the river, or a more aggressive and intense raft session. Either way, you’ll be surrounded by gaping hills and scenic views while on the journey. 


Scuba Diving in Easter Island 

Easter Island is an exceptional location for diving, swimming, and snorkeling, due to the visibly clear waters and vivid transparency for marine wildlife viewing. Additionally, Easter Island’s water is unbelievably clean, making it an even more tempting spot. Various fish species are found in Easter Island, mostly small creatures, although sometimes whales appear on their seasonal migration routes. In addition, this remote location is famous for its giant stone heads, or Moai, which are known to resemble historical ancestors. 


Heli Skiing

Another thrilling way to experience Chile’s mountains is by heli skiing. Get dropped off by a small helicopter at the tip top of a peak, and then it’s up to you to handle the trails down the slope. If you’re an experienced skier and an adventurous soul, heli skiing is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Ski lodges and other places to stay are found at heli skiing locations in case you need a break, or book a weekend excursion. Heli skiing guarantees an extremely fun time, while promising the amazing view of Chile’s mountains. Note that heli skiing can be a little pricey, so make sure to plan accordingly. Valle Nevado is the most popular Heli Skiing location in Chile, which includes wild, vertical drops and clean cut routes.


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