Magical Places to Visit in Greece 

Emulating peacefulness, positive energy, and fashionable style, Greece is one of the most beautiful vacation destinations of all time. While Mykonos and Santorini are amongst the most popular and well-known, there are tons of other islands, towns, cities, and regions that are more than worth visiting. Traveling from place to place doesn’t boast much of a challenge, either, as flights are easy to get and rather short in time depending on where you go. For example, the flight time from Athens to Santorini is only 50 minutes in duration. Here is a breakdown of the most magical places to visit in Greece.




Thessaloniki, Greece


Greece’s second largest city, located in the Northern Macedonian region of the country. Thessaloniki is bustling with nightlife, street festivals, lively ceremonies, and cultural events. This historical city is full of ancient Greek attractions and Byzantine architecture, yet popping with entertainment all over the city. Thessaloniki is a much desired destination for travelers due to its rich authenticity, unique culture, and colorful entertainment. 


Thessaloniki, Greece top Attractions





Mykonos, Greece


Mykonos is known for its party culture and the Instagram-worthy vista that makes up the Greek island. Mykonos is also fun for all ages, whether it’s college students on break, families, or couples looking for an intimate vacation. This island is a magical place full of glistening beaches, an unmatched nightlife scene, and eccentric attributes that shall not be missed. The downtown scene in Mykonos is simply beautiful, consisting of whitewashed buildings and pastel colored decor. Every corner of the island delivers delightful scenic views, and there are numerous activities to keep you busy for days on end. 


Mykonos, Greece top attractions 





Santorini, Greece


Another popular vacation hub, Santorini is amongst the most magical Greek islands. This sought after region is distinctively prepossessing, and maintains the iconic architecture of Greece. The Aegean Sea is bluer than one would think possible, which is why sailing and wading the waves are common activities of travelers. Aside from beach-going, Santorini is immersed with art, history, and leisure. You can even tour Santorini’s intriguing volcano and hot springs, which are accessible by boat. 


Santorini, Greece top attractions


  • Caldera (volcanic crater)
  • Oia (town & photography) 
  • Red Beach (oceanfront) 
  • Fira (Archealogical museum) 



Athens, Greece


Perhaps the greatest region for classical history lovers, Athens is the powerful capital city of Greece. The ancient ruins of Acropolis with their accompanied museum, Temples of Poseidon and Olympian Zeus, along with the quintessential Parthenon are all significant to Athens. However, there are far more landmarks to visit and enjoy in Athens. In addition, Athens is a visually pleasing city to visit with tons to do, and the remnants create a storybook appearance.


Athens, Greece top attractions





Crete, Greece


A mix between Venetian and tropical vibes, Crete radiates blissfulness wherever you go. Knossos and Chania are two popular towns to visit. Knossos doesn’t reside too far from Crete’s capital city of Heraklion and is now the standing result of a disseminated city. Its captivating remnants have created the town’s fascinating personality, with attributes like Knossos Palace. Crete is also flooded with beautiful beaches and hiking trails like Samaria Gorge, which is basically like an upside down canyon. Downtown Crete is small and colorful, with captivating stories everywhere. It doesn’t take long to get to the Venetian Harbor of Chania or Elafonisi Beach.


Crete top attractions



Magical Places to Visit in Greece – Travel Tips 


  • Make sure to plan ahead. Book flights ahead of time, reserve hotels and lodges as far in advance as you can as well. 
  • Always keep cash on hand, as cards aren’t always guaranteed to be taken 
  • Educate yourself beforehand about Greek history and take advantage of the ancient sites
  • Explore tourist beaches as well as local businesses and attractions
  • Enjoy the local cuisine and wine, but be careful not to drink too much. It’s uncommon to see Greeks intoxicated, although they do drink on a frequent or regular basis. 
  • Avoid offensive gestures such as the OK sign with thumb and forefinger
  • Although Greece is generally safe for tourists, still be aware of your surroundings while traveling

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