How to travel for business & leisure

Traveling for business is basically like taking a paid vacation – at least, if you utilize these tips. Rather than getting sucked into an unattainable workflow while juggling travel logistics, try focusing on making small adjustments that permit some leisure time. No matter what field you work in or how rigorous your business trip schedule is, there’s several ways to get the most out of your work trip.


Memorize Your Schedule


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Every work trip comes with an itinerary, whether it’s meetings, conferences, guest speakers, etc. Look at your designated schedule ahead of time, and request a copy if your company hasn’t provided you with one. This way, you’re aware of the exact times you’re “off work” and able to enjoy the area. 


Know What’s Around


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Look at any main attractions, beaches, parks, shops, and other sources of entertainment that are located around your hotel. Start with the most interesting places within a few miles of your hotel, and work in early morning or evening ventures to local attractions. You’re more than likely to find plenty of things to do within walking distance, which minimizes commute time and makes your life a little easier. 

Consider Investing In A Rental Car


person driving rental car

Some companies will reimburse rental car fees, although not all of them do. If your company doesn’t cover a rental car, consider renting for only a couple days to minimize the price. This way, you can explore even more of the area you’re in. Paying a daily fee for a rental car is actually likely to more cost-efficient than Ubering, and it opens more opportunities for restaurant options as well. 

Know What’s Paid For And What’s Not


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Each company is different with what they’re willing to pay for. While hotel and flight should be paid for universally, companies will sometimes pay rental cars, meals, Ubers, luggage fees, etc. It’s a good idea to know exactly what your company is paid for beforehand so you can budget your trip better and spend any extra money on area attractions. 

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