How to Eat Clean While Traveling 

It may seem impossible to eat healthy and stay fit while enjoying a vacation, but it is 100% possible! While it’s necessary to splurge and enjoy tasty restaurants while on your trip, there are still several ways to achieve a good balance no matter where you go. Here are some tips and tricks for clean eating while traveling:

Don’t eat out for every meal 

You can’t go to the Bahamas without taste testing some of the tastiest tropical food (read The Best Places to Eat in the Bahamas), although you can definitely still maintain healthy balance and control with how much you’re eating out. Unless you’re vacationing in the middle of the desert, you should be able to find a grocery store that’s easily accessible. Eating at your hotel or Air Bnb with store bought groceries at least twice during your vacation is a great goal to shoot for, especially if you try to stick to balanced options whenever you are eating out. Also, depending on which country or state you visit, picking up food at the grocery store can turn into a cultural experience. For example, your local Publix is probably extremely different from an Italian outdoor market. Luckily, the world is full of unique and fulfilling food, so if you put in enough effort, you can create a healthy balance anywhere. 

Choose alcohol drinks wisely 

It’s certainly tempting to enjoy a beach margarita or Moscow Mule in the mountains, but these mixies can add up quickly in terms of calories, sugary syrups, fruit juices, and soda. On nights that you decide to drink, try ordering less calorie dense options such as red wine, a light gin and tonic, or vodka soda. If you’re feeling a little bold, rid the mixed ingredients and stick to straight liquor, although this will need to be consumed more moderately of course. 

Eat all the veggies 

Luckily in this day and age, there’s a green smoothie shop any and everywhere you could imagine. And even if this isn’t an option, or you’re not too into the kale juice bandwagon, it’s very possible to consume enough vegetables during your vacation. Pick up salad greens at the grocery store along with convenient snacks like carrot sticks and hummus, kale chips, or premade platters for easy on the go snacking. Supplements are another fantastic way to consume greens, and most of them can be either taken like vitamins or mixed into a drink. 

Stay hydrated

As every nutritionist out there will say, staying hydrated is one of the biggest health factors out there. Drinking lots of water not only keeps you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, but it also helps you to feel fuller for longer. If you’re not a fan of plain ole’ water, there are several ways to revamp this vital beverage and make it a little more tempting. Flavored waters can get a tad bit expensive at the store, although they’re tasty and fun to drink here and there. Artificial sweeteners are often added into any flavored beverage however, so it’s important to beware of that. By filling up a large, portable bottle with fresh water and adding in berries, cucumbers, or citrus fruits, you can create your own satisfying and hydrating beverage, just like you’re at the spa. These convenient drinks will also last for longer, especially for outdoor endeavors during hotter seasons, or physically straining activities such as hiking. 

If you stay loyal to these health tips while traveling, we guarantee that you’ll feel less regretful at the end of your vacation! Here are some of our favorite healthy snacks, supplements, and grocery store go-to’s for your next stay: 


Skinny Pop’s butter popcorn 

If you haven’t tried Skinny Pop yet, you’re 100% missing out. This popcorn is low in calories, satisfying, and contains no artificial ingredients. For those allergic or sensitive to dairy, Skinny Pop makes vegan options as well! 

Made in Nature veggie pops 

Along with the crunchy, tasty dried veggie treats, Made in Nature also offers other options like dried mango, which basically tastes like a healthy version of a fruit roll up. Each of these snacks is perfect to take with you in your side bag or luggage, although it’s inevitable you’ll want to chow down the whole bag in one sitting! 

Bare’s beet chips 

You won’t be able to tell the difference between your favorite fat-filled potato chip snack and every veggie chip that Bare has to offer. In addition to these salty beet chips, savory sweet potato chips, sweet and rich coconut chips, and other alternatives are offered. 


Athletic Greens green supplements 

These supplements are dairy free, vegan, Keto, and Paleo. They include a whopping 75 vitamins, minerals, and whole-food sourced nutrients in only one serving. In addition, they’re super easy to add to any smoothie, juice, or water, and will keep you moving throughout the day! 

Sakara protein and greens

Sakara’s greens powder gives you a little boost of protein which is naturally sourced. Another perfect addition to any beverage of your desire, you can’t go wrong with Sakara’s nutrient rich greens powder. 

Olly vitamins and supplements

Olly’s diverse range of choices when it comes to vitamins and supplements is crazy, especially with how well they really work. Metabolism gummies, immunity supplements, a variety of hair, skin and nails vitamins, and collagen peptides are just a few options of the plethora of choices. These vitamins and supplements are easily portable, tasty, and affordable!

Green Juices 

Suja’s green juices

Suja’s nutrient dense juices pack a punch for themselves. Not only that, but they’re rich in taste and not at all bitter in comparison to some other brands. These drinks are loaded with vitamins and easy to pair with a supplement or protein powder. Also, their lemon love juice is amazingly good, and the perfect combination of sweet and spicy.

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