How to do a Solo Trip in Maine Successfully

Maine has something for every traveler – whether it’s quaint village towns, great lakes, lobster rolls, or a cabin the woods, it’s impossible to be disappointed during a trip to the Northeastern state. While it seems small on the map, Maine employs a copious amount of land mass and relatively low population. The state accommodates a series of buoyant coastline towns in the Southern half of the state, as well as the most awe-inspiring nature parks within driving distance of Canada. 

If you’re looking to escape on a solo vacation, consider Maine as one of the top destination picks. Maine isn’t just brimming with natural beauty, but it’s rich in history and culture as well. Here are some of the best places to go as a solo traveler in Maine:


Ride a Seaplane to Moosehead Lake



Moosehead Lake may not be the easiest attraction to get to, but it’s one place you absolutely shouldn’t miss. As the second largest lake in New England, there’s plenty of room for everyone to enjoy the cold-water beauty. Its pristine crystal waters, abundance of wilderness, and breathtaking vistas are what draw travelers to this desirable location. You won’t be bored here either, as Moosehead Lake is full of excursions, including scenic seaplane rides. During the invigorating experience of a seaplane ride, you’ll travel over the barren woods, mountainous landscape, and watch as the plane’s reflection glistens over Moosehead Lake. If you’re an adventurous solo traveler and want to see the “real” Maine, this activity is a perfect match. 

There are lots of neighboring towns that border Moosehead Lake, which is where travelers stay most of the time. In fact, Moosehead has become a hub for vacation homes and rentals over the years, so there’s no shortage in places to spend the night. Additionally,  you can check Moosehead’s website for more information and resourceful directories. 


Hike Mt. Katahdin and Take Photos at Baxter State Park


Mt. Katahdin is one of the most famous destinations in the state. It’s the highest point in Maine as well, residing at 5,269 feet. Baxter State Park encompasses Mt. Katahdin and consists of endless miles of forest land and epic hiking trails – 220+ to be exact. Choosing where to hike as a solo traveler can be intimidating, and it’s a good idea to plan far in advance which areas of the park you want to spend time in. Another option is to go with a small group or guide to ensure you’ll be trekking along the correct routes.

Hiking as an independent traveler can be a fulfilling, transformative experience, especially in an area like Baxter State Park. Maine’s reputable wildlife species are dispersed among Baxter State Park, which include moose, deer, rabbits, foxes, lynx, bobcats, eagles, and bears. While it’s important to be respectful of wild animals and keep a healthy distance, wildlife sightings make for fantastic photography opportunities. In combination with its beguiling beauty, Mt. Katahdin’s peaceful atmosphere makes for an exceptional day hike. 


Tips for Solo Travelers at Mt. Katahdin:


  • Hike during the day
  • Take lots of photos
  • Plan to be out for 4-7 hours 
  • Pack accordingly 
  • Stay in main areas where other hikers are present
  • Don’t disturb wildlife at Baxter State Park and be aware of potential bear sightings!

Blueberry Picking


Blueberry picking in Maine


Summertime is peak blueberry season in Maine, which means people from all-over New England visit the state to enjoy the various blueberry farms. Visiting a Maine blueberry farm is also a great way to see the beauty of the state, and indulge in all kinds of blueberry desserts! You can find these adorable fruit farms dotted along the coast of Maine, as well as the inland and Northern counties. Another great activity to do as an independent traveler, as it’s safe, affordable, and fun. Some of the best blueberry farms in Maine include:


  • Dragonfly Meadow Blueberry Farm, Arundel, ME 
  • Burke Hill Farm, Cherryfield, ME
  • Crabtree’s Blueberries, Sebago, ME
  • Alexander’s Wild Maine Blueberries, Greenfield, ME

Acadia National Park 

If you want all the sightseeing without the accompanied five hour hike, visit Acadia National Park. Perhaps the most well-known aera in the state, Acadia is home to 47,000 acres of Atlantic Coast. With that being said, there is breathtaking scenery dispersed at every turning point around the park. 

Acadia is also home to Cadillac Mountain, the highest point on the East Coast. If you do wish to explore the trails, there’s 120 miles of them open to visitors.


Visit all the Coastal Towns 


Camden, ME


Camden, Rockland, Bar Harbor  – the staple coastal towns of Maine. These charming little towns are situated in the perfect spots around the stunning rocky shoreline, and are filled with shops, seafood restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. Maine’s coastal towns are also popular tourist destinations, which means they’re perfect for independent travelers looking to socialize or get out of their comfort zone. 


What is there to do on the coast?

  • Sip on a drink at Sea Dog Brewing 
  • Go on a Bar Harbor food tour
  • Downtown shopping
  • Go on a sailing excursion
  • Visit Mount Battie and Camden Hills State Park


Maine Brew Bus 

Maine is no stranger to the brewery game, and this jovial brew bus will show you the trades. Located in Portland, the Brew Bus will take you all over Southern Maine’s lively pubs. During the Maine Brew Bus experience, you can expect to find good food, unexpected entertainment, and of course, tasteful hops. As a solo traveler (and hopefully a beer lover) the Brew Bus should be included in your activity list. 
You’re guaranteed to meet some fun people along the way, which makes your experience as an independent traveler all the more fulfilling. The Maine Brew Bus website lists all tours and related events occurring throughout the year, so be sure to schedule a spot during your visit. 


Go on A Bike Tour 

Bike tours are one of the most fun experiences as a solo traveler. You’re around others, but taking the challenge as your own. Depending on which part of the state you go, tours allow you to see the backcountry of Maine, the coastline, lighthouses, and more. They range in duration as well, some tours lasting for a day and others lasting for a week. The most intense bike tours accommodate food and lodging. 


Here are a few bike tours to add to your itinerary:


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