Extraordinary Things to Do in Santorini, Greece

Best Things to Do in Santorini


Santorini is one of the most magical places in the world. An exotic, diverse location that’s rich in culture, entertainment, and prepossessing views on every corner. Once you see one of the many photos of this breathtaking island, you’re inspired to book a flight to this dreamy location. Explore these extraordinary things to do in Santorini, Greece.



For some of the most epic views in all of Greece, visit Oia. It’s where you commonly see unworldly photos of white buildings cascading down rocky cliffs to mee the water. Oia is also an incredible location to watch the sunrise or sunset, as it overlooks the deep blue sea. However, Oia is reputable for many things other than its killer views. One of the best ways to experience Oia’s remarkable coast is by boat. Cruises and sailing expeditions are often held around Oia, in which guests can stop at a neighboring island and take in the beating Greece sun. Amoudi Bay is another incredible stopping point, which consists of delicious restaurants bordering the sea, and tall, rocky cliffs. Before you visit Amoudi Bay, however, note that it is reachable by climbing down 300 steps. 


For a little history and culture, visit the Byzantine Castle Ruins.  From here, you can also catch gorgeous views of Santorini, which is also a fantastic picture taking opportunity. The famous Blue Domes are another must-see of Oia, which perfectly encapsulate the beautiful architecture of Greece. There are plenty of amazing restaurants for a drink and bite to eat in Oia, including Lotza and Karma. 


Imerovigli is a small village also named “Balcony to the Aegean”, and is about as peaceful and relaxing as you can get. It’s a perfect spot for some low-key hiking, sightseeing, and observing once in a lifetime views of Imerovigli’s volcano. Imerovigli is a great mix of local living and tourist attractions. It resides about 300 meters above sea level and the highest point on the island, which means you can see some of the most dramatic views in Santorini. 


 Kapari, Avocado, and Blue Note are just a few of the delectable restaurants that reside in Imerovigli, which overlook the gorgeous ocean. 

Wine Tasting 


It’s hard to get more lavish than wine tasting on the coast of Greece. Enjoying Greece’s selections of natural fine wines has to be one of the most pleasurable pastimes out there. Santorini is known for its smooth, crisp wines, especially those made from sun dried white grapes, otherwise known as Vinsanto wines. 


Wine tasting in Santorini is a whole different experience, as guests can enjoy the geographically pleasing setting of the island in comparison to a traditional winery. Sunset wine tasting is popular in Greece, which is scheduled at specific times of the late afternoon before the sun goes down. Small group winery tours, private tours, and large group tours are all options at several reputable wineries around Santorini. To name a few, Santos Wines, Venetsanos Winery, Domaine Sigalas, and Gavalas Winery are all incredible spots to book a tour. 

Art Galleries


It’s no secret that art is one of Greece’s primary attributes. It’s hard to find a spot in the country that doesn’t radiate true beauty, and points of interest are often made into paintings. The art exhibits in Santorini are amongst the most unique attractions to visit in Santorini. Unlike the buildings’ traditional white exteriors, Santorini’s art galleries are popping with vivid color and mesmerizing designs. 


Touring art galleries can be a fun and intriguing activity, while also allowing you to experience some of the more cultural aspects of Greece. Each gallery portrays its own personality, distinctive qualities, and work from a diverse range of artists. Visitors often enjoy engaging in a gallery walk, experiencing the several establishments of the island. Some art galleries of Santorini include Gabbiano Nero, MATI Art Gallery, Art of the Loom Gallery, and Art Space. 


Similar to the art scene, Santorini’s photography game is pretty much unmatched. Specifically in oceanic points like Oia, photo taking is a widely popular activity. You don’t have to be a professional photographer either, as the mystical views between Greek buildings and nature speak for themselves. 


If you’ve ever seen a glamorous shot of someone in Santorini wearing a dramatically long, red dress, they may have reserved a spot to be professionally photographed on the Flying Red Dress Photoshoot in Santorini. There are so many different areas to practice your own photography in Santorini, and it can be a fun pastime to experiment with editing afterwards. 



Nightlife in Santorini has to be recognized, of course. Romantic bars, party clubs, pool lounges, you name it. There’s a bar for everyone in Santorini, and they’re all equally as beautiful. There are tons of classy cocktails bars that are dim-lit and propped against the coastal edge – an ambiance that you’ll fall in love with. On the other hand, lively clubs are open to anyone in the mood to dance, socialize, and live in the moment. Additionally, you get to try some authentic Greek cocktails and fine wine. The most dreamy end to the day. 

Santorini’s Volcano and Hot Springs

Volcanic vistas, hot springs, and even some luxury sailing thrown in; Santorini’s Volcano is one of the island’s most significant landmarks. Boat tours are amongst the most invigorating ways to see the volcano, as you’re granted up-close and personal views. You can choose to sail out early in the morning or while sunset occurs, depending on your itinerary or preference of ambiance. Many boat tours provide food and beverages as well, such as the luxury catamaran cruises. 


After gazing at Santorini’s mysterious volcano and learning about its riveting history, perhaps you want to explore the sensational hot springs. Steaming, natural bodies of water neighbor Santorini’s volcano, and are open to those who want to wade in its being. 


It’s a common misconception that Santorini’s beaches are similar to that of Florida or the Bahamas. Believe it or not, the beaches in Santorini are multicolored, volcanic-like vistas that are often surrounded by rugged cliffs. Nonetheless, they’re absolutely alluring, and more than worth the visit. 


If you’ve never experienced a black sand beach, Santorini may be the perfect opportunity. Monolithos and Vlychada are two of the beaches in Santorini that resemble galaxy-like landscapes. The water in all of Greece is extremely vivid, and mix somewhere between a royal blue and soft turquoise. At Red Beach, volcanic rock stands as a backdrop amongst the rust colored sands. Santorini’s beaches are incredibly diverse, and exceptional sunset/sunrise spots. 

How to Prepare for a trip to Santorini 

It’s very important to book a trip to Santorini ahead of time. Because Santorini is one of the most popular destinations in Greece, hotels and tours book up fast. There are both luxury and moderately priced hotels in Santorini, so do your research on options beforehand. Make sure to explore each tour and create an itinerary for yourself, to make sure you gain the most out of your trip. It’s more reliable to rent a vehicle than riding the public bus, as they’re not typically as structured as a city bus would be. Santorini is known to be a safe city for tourists and locals, but still consider your surroundings, especially at night. Lastly, pack accordingly! As mentioned above, there are several activities to do in Santorini both indoors and out. Pack a bathing suit, hiking shoes, and fancy outfits for photoshoots, of course.

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