Exploring Egyptian History

Of all the many countries that we have traveled to, one of the most magical and mystifying places that we have seen and experienced was Egypt. With culture that goes back several thousand years, one can’t help but marvel and enjoy the experience of where it all began.

“If you look to your left, you can kind of see the shape of the pyramids in the dark. First time here?”- the driver smiles as he glances back at us.

“First time!” – the excitement inside is hard to hide.
Egypt. I can’t believe we are in Egypt!
The morning sun is shining over the Great Pyramid of Giza. Breakfast with the pyramids view. Still trying to wrap my head around this.
Conversations in different languages coming from surrounding tables fill the air. My ears pick up some French and Russian. Can’t help but smile a little: a kid at the nearby table is complaining that parents aren’t letting her get more treats. Kids are kids everywhere. Even in Egypt.
My eyes scan the hotel g rounds. Pyramid’s reflection in the small decorative pool makes my heart skip a beat. Can’t wait to meet the guide tomorrow and explore.

One of the Wonder s of the world that has always pulled me in. There is something magical about pyramids.

“May I have a few minutes of your time, please, to tell you a little more about myself and a little more about the history of pyramids”, – Mohamed, our guide, is walking towards the shade.

“My name is Mohamed Elshemei. I Live in Giza close to the pyramids because I’m the grandson of the Pharaohs.
I work as an Egyptologist and I’m so proud of doing that. I consider myself as ambassador for my country. I love the history so much, especially Egyptian history which still have lot of mysteries and secrets which makes it exciting. Looking in the future to be exceptional tour guide. I always try to do my best for my kids for good future. So happy to have lot of friends all over the world with different cultures. You are one of them too.”

Mohamed’s eyes sparkle with kindness and passion. There is no doubt he loves what he is doing. My heartbeat speeds up in excitement. Eyes glance to evaluate the surroundings.
So many people. Of all nationalities. Seems a little surprising, considering we are in a pandemic. Probably, because it’s Sunday.

“You see lots of Egyptians today be -cause it’s Valentine’s Day. Everyone likes to come to pyramids on holidays”, Mohamed literally read my mind. Valentine’s Day.

Of course. The camera viewfinder focuses on the young couple sitting on top of one of the structures.
The beauty of the moment halter s my breath.
The merging of two, the modern generation and the thousands of years of the history of humanity are mind-blowing. Egypt is like no other place. Modern life, all types of it, merges all cultures together with ancient roots. This place feels
different. Magnificent. Hard to explain.

“It’s very simple to drive! This is gas, and this is how you turn”, – Mohamed
is translating simultaneously the instructions from the ATV shop owner.

“Do you want me to drive this by myself?” – rising stress levels must have spoken for me. Another guy stepped
out from the shop and hopped on the front part of the ATV: “I’ll help!”.

My heart just about sunk when the ATV turned on the busy road, but the confidence my personal guide was exuding somehow felt soothing. After all, this is their world and their element. He knows what he is doing.

“Let’s go faster” were exactly the words I was looking for. Feels so freeing!
There is something about the desolation of the desert.

The city on one side, pyramids on the other. No rules. No restrictions. No time. Just us, cameras and the moment.
There are some rider s on the horizon, heading towards pyramids. Their silhouettes make a perfect frame. Another set of teens on ATVs head the same direction. Curiosity gets the better of me. Where is gas again? My “driver” nods in agreement, and a fraction of a second later the four-wheeler is speeding towards the horizon.

Slow down here for a little bit. Let’s go here”, – the guide’s hand is pointing to something on the left. My eyes follow, and hands automatically reach for the camera. People, lots of people, gathered together. The Covid-ing raved sense of distancing kicks in. Don’t want to come to close, but the view in front of me is fascinating. Men on camels and by camels, riders, of all ages, on horses. Some talking, laughing, other s patiently sitting and waiting for something. There is a teen in the background, showing off the tricks his horse can do.

“What are they waiting for?”, – my words are directed towards the guard, although my eyes are still glued to the colorful picture. “The sun”, – guide’s answer is barely audible.

The sun! Of course! The sun is about to set. My attention was so focused on magnificence of pyramids so much,
the sense of time completely disappeared. A quick g lance over the shoulder: the sun is in perfect spot.
“Let’s stay here for a little bit,” – the guide nods in agreement, turns ATVs wheel to the side and sits on the ground. Sunsets in the desert. With pyramids on the background. In Egypt.

Words cannot describe the feeling that filled my entire being. My finger s switch the autofocus to manual. It’s game-time.

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