Copenhagen, Denmark: Best things to do in the city

Modern yet historic, creative, and incredibly picturesque, Copenhagen is a place where you can truly create your own story. No matter what you’re interested in or what you plan on gaining out of the city, it’s impossible to leave without feeling inspired. The city embodies uniquely refined city corners, endless forms of entertainment, and a food and shopping scene that can’t be topped. 


Visit Nyhavn 


colorful city of Nyhavn, Denmark


Nyhavn is one of the world’s most iconic streets. Buildings of brightly colored townhouses, restaurants, shops, cafes, and bars line the street along one of Copenhagen’s sparkling canals. This waterside district is a popular spot for photo-taking, beer drinking, and absorbing Scandinavian culture. You can find tons of retail stores, souvenir shops, and charming house decor boutiques. Additionally, Nyhavn’s nightlife scene is lively and full of entertainment. 


Go on a Copenhagen Walking Tour


city of Copenhagen, Denmark


While the name might not spark your interest, Copenhagen Walking Tours are highly encouraged if you don’t know your way around the city’s streets. There are tons of unique walking tours, like Danish Architecture City Walks and Foods of Copenhagen. Walking tours won’t allow you to miss a single attraction, and group tours are usually highly entertaining. You’ll have the chance to see local spots as well as tourist hubs, snack on delicious Danish food, and get an inside look into the country’s culture. 


Explore the Rosenborg Castle & Other Palaces


Rosenborg Castle, Denmark



Rosenborg Castle was built by the famous Danish King Christian IV, in the 17th century. It includes around 400 years of royal treasures, and an array of Victorian style finishes. The castle features some intriguing pieces, such as the artifacts from the battles between Denmark and Sweden, the Knights’ Hall, and the Danish Crown Regalia. 

Rosenborg Castle is not the only monument of royalty you should visit in Copenhagen. Other significant castles include:

  • Amalienborg Palace – A gorgeous castle located in the heart of Copenhagen, which includes a museum and embarks on the history of rooms of Christian IX, Queen Louise. 
  • Kronborg Castle – Situated in Elsinore, with awe-inspiring views across to Sweden. The views themselves are enough of a reason to visit, but Kronborg Castle is based on a fascinating series of battles, drama, and royalty. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was referenced in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. 
  • Christiansborg Palace – Christiansborg Palace is currently home to the Danish Parliament, the Supreme Court, and the Ministry of State. It consists of one of the most beautiful interiors with shockingly intricate details that will make you do a double-take. You can also visit the state rooms, where royalty themselves have traveled. 

Ride Coasters at Tivoli Gardens 


Tivoli Gardens


Tivoli Gardens is Denmark’s largest amusement park and coveted international attraction. Tivoli looks just like a page from a fairytale book, complete with magical gardens, extrinsic architecture, and captivating sculptures. The park is also excitingly themed for each holiday like Christmas and Halloween. At night, thousands of bright lights erupt to enhance the park’s whimsical atmosphere. Invigorating roller coasters, delicious pop-up restaurants, and live entertainment flood the park’s vicinity, creating an experience guests won’t forget. 


Spend a Day Shopping 


Copenhagen is an international hot-spot for shopping, especially in the famous Stroget District. This pedestrian-only street consists of some of the greatest stores, restaurants, and other venues the city has to offer. The abundance of stores in this region boast some impressive names, like the famous Lego Store, design shop HAY, and H&M Hennes & Mauritz. 


Go to Refshaleøen


This former industrial district turned modern city island is now considered to be one of Copenhagen’s trendiest areas and is known for its creative, artsy personality. Refshaleøen frequently hosts festivals, street markets, and other exciting events. The island can also be easily reached by bike or bus, within 15 minutes of leaving Copenhagen. 


Tour Copenhagen’s Museums


large museum in Copenhagen, Denmark


Travelers are often eager to see Copenhagen’s diverse museums, which are often internationally renowned and brilliantly themed. Art museums, historic museums, and those that exhibit Danish design all reside in the most beautiful parts of the city. 



Ride on a Canal Boat Tour


canal boat tour, Denmark


Similar to the Netherlands, you can ride along the quaint streets of Copenhagen during a Canal Boat Tour. Boat tours tow travelers along the most iconic and visually appealing places in Copenhagen, as well as other notable nooks in the city. You can book a spot here and select the tour of your choice.


Discover The Hermitage



Set upon a hill populated with free-roaming deer, The Hermitage is a dreamy hunting lodge marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a place where royal Kings previously hosted hunting dinners and relaxed after a strenuous hunt. You can visit the Hermitage on a guided tour, which brings you through the lodge’s opulent interior and surrounding lush landscape.

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