Travel budgeting for the adventurer

If you’re a thrill seeking adventure expert, you know that traveling isn’t usually cheap. However, that doesn’t mean you should miss the opportunity to live out the wild trip of your dreams! With the plethora of travel tools out there, smart planning, and cautious spending, adventure traveling can be achieved on a budget. Here are some of our insider tips on how to travel without overspending:


Start local


National Park view


You may not expect it, but the US boasts over 400 National Parks, which means you’re more than likely to find one within driving distance. National Parks don’t tend to be too expensive, and they usually carry a wide range of outdoor adventures, camping sites, and fantastic photography opportunities. You can also resort to a road trip in a scenic location, which will only cost you gas money. Go with a group, set up base somewhere and enjoy the sights.


Use bundle tools


Airplane in the sky


Travel bundles are like your secret weapon of travel budgeting. With companies like Expedia you can save on hotels and flights and actually pay significantly less than you would otherwise. Be sure to check for last minute deals, the cheapest places to visit, and any other offers that might be lingering around.


Spend on excursions



Excursions can be worth it in moderation. While finding adventure independently should also be done, excursions provide an experience you just can’t find anywhere else! Be sure to check on Viator and TripAdvisor for the best excursion deals, and try to seek out eccentric opportunities before they change.


…but, cut your spending in other places


If you’re being generous with zip-lining and boat tours, make sure to be smart about your spending in other areas. For example, be cautious of pricey restaurants, bars, and other forms of entertainment. Find budget-friendly grocery stores for food and eat out on special occasions. Also, don’t go overboard on the $6 daily macchiatos – you’d be surprised how much everything adds up!


Look for interesting AirBnbs



It’s not new information that AirBnb is where the real deals are at. If you take some time to research, you could find an AirBnb that’s affordable and also in a great location. Depending on the AirBnb, you could find one where adventure is right outside your door.


Consider other lodging options


camping at evening


Camping even for one night will hugely cut down your trip budget. If you don’t have supplies, you may be able to find a campsite with all you need included on Tentrr. Hostels are another good option to consider.


Use travel rewards cards


Travel rewards cards featuring flight points, hotel points, and other helpful perks can be a fantastic asset when it comes to budgeting your trip. Check here for options regarding credit cards and applications. 

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