Brew Ridge Trail, Virginia, Brewery & Winery Experience

Brew Ridge Trail in Nelson County, Virginia, is a self-guided stretch of land that incorporates ten of the nation’s best craft breweries and cideries. Nestled along the iconic Blue Ridge Mountains, there’s striking views and breathtaking panoramas from every angle of the superior watering-holes. Lively at all times of the year, and never a lack of good energy, Brew Ridge Trail features famous establishments like Devils Backbone and Hazy Mountain Winery. Here’s my experience at Brew Ridge Trail in Nelson County, Virginia.


Brew Ridge Trail


Bold Rock Brewery


From the outside, Bold Rock looks like a charming little brewery in the backcountry. However, once you step foot inside, you quickly see that Bold Rock is an expansive development with rural mountain vibes, a river creek with ample seating, large cabin style buildings, and tree-hanging lights. Not to mention, the ciders taste crisp, refreshing, and amazing.


Bold Rock Distillery


Bold Rock distillery in Virginia


Bold Rock Distillery is a fun, lively place full with a large concert venue, dim-lit lights, a large outdoor deck, and the most jovial crowd. I tried the American Bold Rock Whiskey which was smooth and delicious, as well as the classic Old Fashioned. The distillery gives off a country personality with plenty of land to socialize on.


Blue Toad Cidery


distillery brewery near Shenandoah Valley, Virginia


Blue Toad is more secluded than its fellow breweries, but it is more than worth the visit. A cozy establishment, Blue Toad consists of two big barns, one which produces the cider and the other which pours it. An adorable specialty gift shop with Blue Toad merch and all the 12-packs you can imagine accompany the bar, and the outside landscape offers incredible looks at the sky scraping mountains.


Blue Mountain Brewery


With gorgeous green spaces surrounding the building, Blue Mountain Brewery is nestled along the Blue Ridge Mountains, facing the vivid blue peaks in the distance. A truly beautiful sight, the brewery itself radiates pure bliss. Cozy fireplaces are dotted along Blue Mountain’s landscape, and guests can sit either indoors or outdoors. I traveled here during Oktoberfest, and experienced a series of entertaining live performances and a great selection of brews.


Hazy Mountain Vineyards & Brewery


Blue Ridge mountains in the sunlight fall


This place was absolutely stunning. Hazy Mountain included unexpectedly striking views of the mountains and miles of vineyards. The wine was so smooth and delicious (I tasted the red), and the rows of rustic tables outside were super peaceful. There was nothing like sitting in the serene outdoor atmosphere, sipping Cabarnet while the sun is beating – true tranquility. Hazy Mountain is a hub for bachelor parties and group gatherings, although the overall environment is still relaxing and calm. The winery’s exterior looks like a Mediterranean mansion complete with cobblestone and sleek finishes, and the inside gives off upscale rustic energy with some fashionable decor.


Our Airbnb


hot tub near mountains and trees 


The Airbnb makes up half the experience! We stayed in a gorgeous, large farm-style house that was pretty luxurious to say the least. Splitting the home among friends was a great way to do it, as we were able to split the cost and enjoy the lavish amenities together. A hot tub was included, in addition to a vast bordering deck, multiple screens (although we were mostly tech-free during this trip!) and three different sleeping rooms. The Airbnb was only 15-20 minutes from Brew Ridge Trail, although it felt like we were in the mountainous country the entire time, close to walking and hiking trails.

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