Best Places To Stay and Eat in Santorini, Greece


Part of creating an unforgettable Santorini experience is staying in the right place. Santorini is home to some of the most lavish and renowned hotels in the world, which are often the focus point of iconic photos dispersed among the internet. If you happen to find yourself in Santorini, consider these luxury hotels for your trip: 


Andronis Luxury Suites


This five-star hotel is located in the iconic town of Oia, which means it yields some of the most impressive views from all suites.

Rooms are decorated with a contemporary, clean design, and most accommodations even feature a hot tub. This glamorous hotel is designed with large windows and balcony doors so guests can have 24/7 access to the city’s panoramic vistas. 


Absolute Bliss


Absolute Bliss is one of the most luxurious hotels in all of Greece. The spacious suites are made with private terraces, hot tubs, and an overwhelming outlook of the ocean.

With its wild cliff-side location, Absolute Bliss exemplifies a slight seclusion and romantic feel. The stylish establishment offers amenities like spa service and a restaurant and bar. 


Cave Tagoo Santorini


Located only a few miles from Fire and Oia, the Cavo Tagoo Santorini is close enough to main attractions while also carrying exclusive energy. Cave Tagoo provides the most luxurious accommodations, unbeatable sunset views and customized services.

Additionally, the hotel arranges boat trips to nearby islands and private daily cruises upon demand, so guests receive the ultimate celebrity treatment. All suites are paired with their own hot tub, and rooms meet modern with a touch of Venetian design. 


Canaves Oia Suites


This internationally recognized hotel is immersed in the nature and beauty of Santorini. Beautifully decorated with tranquil suites and lavish accommodations, Canaves Oia is just pure dreamy.

It’s set upon the breathtaking Caldera, offering truly distinct views. The hotel also has several fine dining options open to guests, and a competitive amenities list. 


Katikies Santorini


Designed to inspire, Katikies Santorini prides itself on its lush atmosphere and intimate feel. Attracted by honeymooners and traveling couples, Katikies’s guests feel the serenity bleed through the doors. 


Mystique Santorini



Inspiring and opulent, Mystique Santorini is everything you’ve dreamed of when vacationing in Greece. Delicately propped against a cliff facing the sky-blue waters, the location screams tranquility. Rooms and suites are modern and simplistic with the addition of cozy decor. With the goal of making guests feel special and comfortable, Mystique is genuinely one of the best hotel choices in Santorini. In addition, an authentic Greek restaurant occupies the hotel, so you don’t have to go far to experience exceptional cuisine. Seating can also be found outside, cascading along the hotel’s exterior. 


Above Blue Suites


Above Blue Suites offers some of the most exceptional in-room service of all the hotels in Santorini. So, if you’re looking for a vacation full of privacy without sacrificing any of the benefits, consider staying at this luxury hotel. As the name states, rooms and suites are situated high above the deep blue water and glistening coastline, which is well within reach. Be sure to explore the full-service spa and Azur Cave Bar. 




Perivolas exhibits a wide array of eccentric assets. It scrapes the sky on a setting high above the Aegean Sea, and is only a short walking distance from the gorgeous village of Oia. The hotel is designed with 22 private houses in 300 year-old caves, enhancing your Greece vacation.There’s also a robust wellness center, home to a steam bath, sauna, and massage facilities. You can also find an elaborate fitness center, which uniquely faces the cliffs. The Perivolas Restaurant is situated in a resorted wine cellar, and features authentic Greek cuisine.

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