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The first thing you’ll notice about Bryggen is it’s stunning row of wooden houses, colored red, yellow, and ochre on the iconic Vågen Bay. This UNESCO Heritage Site is the perfect place for photo opportunities once you’re done admiring the architectural beauty and mountainous backdrop. Bryggen is a deep-rooted historical site, dating all the way back to 1070.  You can learn more about Bryggen’s ravishing history at the Bryggens Museum and The Hanseatic Museum  – Museum Vest.

However, this picturesque site is only a snapshot of what lies ahead in Bergen. 


Mount Fløyen


Fløyen is one of Bergen’s most beloved activities, and one that should not be missed! The tour begins right in the center of Bergen, then takes you up to the mountain top within minutes. From the city’s peak, you’re in for the most striking panoramic views over Bergen, fjord, and the incredible accompanying landscape. 


Hiking routes:

At Mount Fløyen there are numerous hiking trails that provide the most remarkable views. Soak in perspectives of the mountain, fjord, and city panorama.


KODE Art Museums


KODE is an innovative art museum consisting of 4 different institutions.

KODE 1: Craft and design oriented, also featuring a dazzling exhibition of silver and gold objects produced in Bergen. Other displays include paintings and antiques from European and Asian influences.

KODE 2: Primarily based on inspiring contemporary art. 

KODE 3: Incorporates the works by Edvard Munch, J.C. Dahl, Harriet Backer, and Gerhard Munthe.  The mansion-turned museum also displays pieces from the Golden Age in Scandinavia.

KODE 4: An interactive and educational art museum for children. 


Mount Ulriken





Mount Ulriken is the highest of Bergen’s mountains, reaching 2,200, and proudly exhibiting a magical sight. 

You can reach the top of Ulriken a few ways, the easiest being by tram. If you don’t have the time or desire to physically hike Ulriken, the aerial tramway is the best way to go. Visitors from all over ride Ulriken’s tram to experience the awing and thrilling views at the crest. Additionally, there’s a restaurant and TV tower that resides at the peak.  

Hiking up Ulriken can be challenging yet incredibly rewarding venture. 




To truly see the best and most powerful views of Norway, you have to experience the fjords. Hardangerfjord is an unreal sight that yields dynamic waterfalls, gaping wide cliffs and rocky ridges.

Hardangerfjord authentically represents the beauty of Norway, especially if you choose to reach the top of Trolltunga. Not a simple or short hike, but more than worth the exertion, Trolltunga is a glorious rock formation that spits out above the Hardangerfjord in mid-air. 




The Sognefjord, is the largest and deepest fjord in Norway. Mysterious and hypnotizing, its visual beauty is enough to entertain for hours. Located in Vestland county, Sognefjord extends about 127 miles from the ocean to the quaint village of Skjolden. There are more than 20 hikes accessible in Sognefjord, which are highly recommended to consider if you choose to visit this destination. 


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Best Times to Visit Bergen


The best time to travel to Bergen is between May and August. This is when temperatures are warm, but not overly hot. However, the winter in Bergen is also gorgeous. The mountains are made for skiing, and the town looks like a storybook scene.

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