Belize Inland Adventure Tours: Hiking

Inland Adventures

Head inland and you’ll be amazed at some of the adventures and experiences on offer in Belize…

The country of Belize is full of mystery and adventure, from zip lining to river tubing, to waterfall hikes and scarlet macaw watching. There is enough exploring to keep you here far longer than your vacation allows, meaning you’ll have to keep returning.

We had the opportunity to experience an amazing inland hike while traveling to Belize where we learned so much and saw some amazing nature, wildlife, and interesting finds. Below is an excerpt from our experience during the hike:

The Killer Hike…

The phone reads 5:30 am. Way too early to wake up but there is not even a shadow of the sleep anywhere in my body. Excitement or anxiety, can’t really tell the difference between the two right now, took over. Time to get ready.
A flashing phone screen catches my eye. There is a WhatsApp message from Faura:

“Your dive today was cancelled because of the weather conditions. The diving center rescheduled for tomorrow”.
So… one more day of waiting. Ok. It is what it is, I guess.

A hard to express feeling came out of nowhere. I should be excited and relieved, shouldn’t I? One more day to rest and pre pare.

Why does it feel so heavy then?
The fear that was just a shadow last night is gaining strength. My mind, still stronger, pushes it back. How long will I last? I need a distraction. “Bobby! Do you want to go on the hike to Tiger Fern with Jim? Or kayaking with Aaron? Or both?”, – the tone of my voice is not leaving any other choice but to agree.

…”Do you want to see a plane wreck?” Jim’s truck stops. Of course we do! Another minute and our 3-friend “expedition” disappear s in the jungle.

Belize nature is stunning. Green. Luscious. Velvety-rich. Can’t wait to see where Jim is going to take us for the hike.
…”T his is the highest point! Look around! I want you to see this”, – Jim’s excitement is contagious even if my body feels like it’s about to collapse. We highly underestimated the superhuman powers this athlete of a man has. This “easy” hike definitely qualifies as one of the hardest I’ve ever gone on.

Jim disappears somewhere below the small hill. My feet reluctantly follow. Bobby’s there already. It takes me less than a fraction of a second to under stand why Jim was so excited to take us on this hike.
The beauty that unfolded in front is breathtaking. Green trees, everywhere where the eye can see. All shades of green. All types of trees. All in one place. Belize, you are stunning!

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