Belize food and adventures

Neighbors with Mexico and Guatemala, Belize is a hidden Caribbean paradise. Here, you can experience some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, while also visiting the Maya mountains. Authentic food, Mayan ruins, adventurous excursions, and tropical resorts all await you in this charming country. 

Cave kayaking and tubing

Caves and caverns are found all over South America, and visitors can even tour these natural made gems on their own. Mysterious and exotic, Belize caves are a worldly wonder of themselves, and there are numerous activities that tourists are permitted to experience. Aside from standard cave tours, guests can even boat inside the mystical builds. Kayaking allows visitors to observe more landscape coverage, and the mass of water that fills the gaping caves. Cave kayaking tours also bring guests through a series of channels called the upper and lower Caves, as well as rainforest hiking trails. Explore every unique detail and elaborate rock formations of Belize’s caves. 

If the idea of floating through a cave sounds intriguing to you but you’re not a kayaking fan, consider cave tubing instead. Kick your feet back and enjoy the cavern scenery while relaxing on a lush tube. Cave tubing is the perfect activity for some laid back, yet exciting midday experience. 

Cave kayaking and tubing tours can be found on Viator 

Jungle zip lining

For a more thrilling and adventurous expedition, jungle zip lining is offered in tours all over Belize. This excursion will blow you away (literally!) especially if you’re a newbie to zip lining. Fly down the rainforest at max speed, watching the tropical greenery pass you by. Better yet, you may catch some wildlife along the way, as you look down for miles. While it may feel risky, dangerous, and electrifying, safety is ensured on these tours, as they’re led by experienced experts. 

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Mayan sites and ruins

We love educating ourselves about Mayan history, and Central America is the heart of where Mayan history lies. Belize is rich in culture, similarly to its neighbor, Guatemala. All over Belize lie Mayan ruins, ancient temples, and other significant sites. The Altun Ha Ruins are amongst the most popular sites to tour, Xunantunich Ruins that bleed into Belize City. 

Temples and ruins are often located in more secluded areas, making them even more intriguing to view in person. They’re often well protected to preserve their history, and guides inform you about the exact known events or time periods to occur for each landmark. Ruins and temples can sometimes be carved with art or drawings that have been around for thousands of years. These artifacts are considered rare sightings, so to observe them yourself is an unworldly experience. 

Other ancient Mayan ruins in Belize include Caracol, the largest Mayan site in the country, Actun Tunichil Muknal, which requires hiking to for access, and the peculiar Barton Creek Cave. 

Belize City

The largest city in Belize, this popular hub is a must-see for tourists. Belize city is where many locals work and reside, and there are many local businesses and shops that guests can roam. If the city seems too overwhelming to tackle on your own, a guide can perform tours around all the main attractions, shops, restaurants, and beaches.

Old Belize is a classic, diverse, and quaint town that deviates from the city life. This Marina contains a museum, beach, and waterfall, along with charming shops. 

Belize Zoo is located in the city, and homes many of Belize’s exotic wildlife in one place. The city also has fantastic places to eat, many of which include authentic Belize cuisine and fresh seafood. 

Ambergris Caye 

Ambergris Caye is always booming with popularity, and it’s no wonder why. This gorgeous tropical hub is full of canyons such as the Tuffy Canyon and Hol Chan Canyons, as well as botanical gardens, marine reserves, Shark Ray Alley, and more. Here, you can pack in all the excitement in one place – cliff diving, deep water snorkeling, kayaking, or simply enjoying the vivid turquoise waters. 

Best Places to Eat in Belize

Maya Beach Hotel and Bistro

In addition to the lavish views of the sea, this incredible bistro is one for the books. Its decorated menu includes unique and delectable items such as Cacao Pork, and numerous Belizean cuisine plates. The menu does update frequently, so there’s always something new and exciting to try. Maya Beach Hotel and Bistro fuses together traditional and unconventional options, which makes it an exceptional choice for every traveler. This eatery is on the more expensive side, but it’s well worth it for every bite!

Nahil Mayab Restaurant

Another spot with a killer view, Nahil Mayab Restaurant is immersed in the tropical gardens of Belize. Not only is the scenery magical, but so is the menu! Nahil Mayab incorporates Caribbean, Spanish, and authentic Mayan cuisine in their menu. Dishes like “Poc Chuc” are available, which is a concoction of grilled pork, sweet pepper, and onion bathed in coconut oil, along with beans and pico gallo on tortillas. They’re also notable for their ceviche and other mouthwatering seafood dishes.

One of Belize’s top chefs runs this charming and superior restaurant; a hot commodity amongst locals and tourists alike. Chef Rob’s Cafe is also positively unique due to the fact that the menu always consists of locally sourced products –  a contribution to business all around Belize. Multicultural dishes are crafted here, inspired by primarily Maya and Asian cuisines. A sample menu can be found on his website, although more items will be available in person.  

Montagna Ristorante

Visiting this Italian eatery is an exotic experience in itself. Set in the Mountain Pine Ridge, Montagna RIstorante is a perfect addition to your tropical getaway. Menu items center around authentic Italian dishes, with an emphasis on Coppola family recipes. In addition, any vegetables and herbs are sourced from their own garden, which means they taste fresher and tastier than ever. 

How to Prepare for a Trip to Belize

Pack for the beach and jungle 

Considering that most of Belize’s activities reside in the beach and tropical jungle, which means a whole range of attire is required if you want to tackle the activities mentioned above. Make sure to pack a couple swimsuits (active and casual), as well as sandals, durable boots, short and long-sleeved shirts, pants, shorts, and proper undergarments. 

Be aware of your surroundings

Just like any foreign country, Belize is home to many unsafe, crime ridden places. Although most of the country consists of beautiful, tourist-centric destinations, areas such as Corozal Town, Orange Walk Town, and Belize City after dark are all known dangerous areas. 

Schedule activities away from city-life as much as possible

It’s very necessary to visit the towns and cities of Belize for several reasons. To observe local culture, eat Belizean cuisine, and shop, cities are a great choice. However, Belize is a country constructed of Caribbean coastline and jungle, which means most of the unique activities gravitate toward these areas. Another helpful tip is to seek out resorts or lodges that are close to main attractions, and in safe locations. This way, you can walk or ride to different points of interest and limit your planning stress. 

Relax and enjoy the diversity! 

As with any vacation, try to avoid becoming overwhelmed with all the opportunities and things to do. Pick a realistic set of activities for the duration of your stay, and remember to reserve time for pure relaxation and mindfulness. Take in the geographic and cultural diversity, as that’s part of what makes traveling so fulfilling!

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