Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Travel Guide


The European Dutch capital of Amsterdam is likely to be the most eclectic city in Europe. A team effort of beauty, art, entertainment, history, and all forms of entertainment lie here, and there’s not a time the city isn’t bustling with energy. 


Amsterdam, Netherlands


The Best Time to Visit



The Netherlands is absolutely beautiful no matter which time of year you choose to go. Peak season is typically from April to August, or around winter holidays. The time of year you decide to visit should depend on the type of vacation you’re seeking. For example, you could experience a storybook perfect Christmas vacation in the snowy season, or explore the depths of the country while it’s comfortably warm. The spring and summer are blooming with colors, radiance, and joyous events. 



Safety, Language, + Currency



The Netherlands is considered to be a very safe country. Therefore, crime doesn’t need to be a top concern. The primary language spoken here is Dutch, and the currency is the Euro. 

Amsterdam is the most popular attraction in the Netherlands, and it’s one of the most awe-inspiring cities in Europe. Similar to Scandinavian regions like Denmark and Sweden, the Netherlands is classified as simply happy. Bakeries and floating flower markets outline the streets and the famous canals are a classic year-round attraction. Additionally, several iconic pictures are taken in Amsterdam, exposing its riveting art and culture scene. 



Amsterdam: Where to Stay?



Amsterdam downtown



Hostels, hotels, and lodges are dispersed among the Dutch capital of the Netherlands, although many travelers prefer to stay in an AirBNB or VRBO. Amsterdam offers some of the most interesting vacation rentals, like downtown lofts and even houseboats. 



Best Luxury/Midrange Hotels in Amsterdam



  • Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky 
  • Hyatt Regency Amsterdam Hotel 
  • Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam 
  • Hotel V Fizeaustraat
  • Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht 
  • Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam
  • Eden Rembrandt Square Hotel
  • Hotel Okura Amsterdam
  • Sir Albert Hotel 

Amsterdam Attractions + Things To Do


Canals of Amsterdam 



Amsterdam canals




There are more than 160 canals and 1,700 bridges in Amsterdam. These essential canals separate Amsterdam into 90 different islands, most of which were established during the 17th century. The canals are beautiful to look at, appearing as interconnecting rivers that cut through the city. 

You can enjoy the canals of Amsterdam by engaging on a canal cruise. Canal cruises are an exceptional way to enjoy the city’s beauty, taking you through the cascading bodies of waters that are outlined with brightly lit buildings and landscape views. Canal cruises are recurring throughout the year, and no two cruises are the same. You can find a comprehensive list of canal cruises here. Examples include pancake cruises, dinner and drinks, or Dutch Authentic Boat. 





Cycling in Amsterdam



Renting a bike is a must in Amsterdam, as the city is well-known for its cycling persona. Cycling is a common form of transportation in Amsterdam, and there are several bike trails in all corners of the city. Renting a bicycle isn’t difficult in Amsterdam either – there are tons of bike rentals just about everywhere. If you want to engage in local culture, try cycling from your hotel or AirBNB to a coffee shop during the day.



Distilleries + Breweries


Amsterdam at night



The breweries in Amsterdam exemplify the city’s personality as it is – joyful, colorful, and genial. While you’re at it, you must try Jenever (Genever), the Netherlands’ historically customed beverage. Jenever is flavored with juniper berries, and is a classic drink for the Dutch. 



Where Can I Find Jenever?


You can learn all about gin’s predecessor at The House of Bols Cocktail & Genever Experience. Here, you can learn about Jenever’s history and sample the liquor for yourself. 



Other Breweries and Distilleries to try in Amsterdam: 


  • The Heineken Experience 
  • Brew Bus Amsterdam Beer Tour 
  • Walhalla Brewery & Taproom
  • Butchers Tears
  • Brouwerij de Prael 

Royal Palace Amsterdam


Most of the year, The Royal Palace Amsterdam, or Dutch Royal House is open to visitors. The Royal Palace was built in the 17th century as the Town Hall of Amsterdam, and its interior art was made by some of the most accomplished artists in history. In addition to learning about the Palace’s history, guests simply enjoy the building’s intricate, golden architecture. 



Museums + Art Exhibits



WONDR Experience – An interactive exhibit that consists of several colorful pop-up rooms. This immensely creative establishment is a hub for photography, dancing, singing, and other forms of art. After spending some time at WONDR Experience, you’re bound to be inspired, entertained, and feeling those creative sparks flow. 


Body Worlds –  Gunther von Hagens’ Body Worlds Museum isn’t your typical science museum. This anatomical exhibit illustrates to guests the meaning of happiness and the effects it has on your body. More than 200 anatomical specimens of real human bodies display the perplexing abilities of the body. This incredibly fascinating museum is a must-see if you find yourself in Amsterdam. 


Stedelijk Museum of Art + the Van Gogh Museum – These two exhibits are only a three minute walk from each other, meaning you can see both essential attractions in the same hour. Stedelijk Museum of Art is a contemporary, modern art museum, while the Van Gogh Experience serves as a touring exhibition about the work and life of Vincent Van Gogh. 



The Anne Frank House



The Anne Frank House is a museum dedicated to the famous Jewish journalist Anne Frank. The museum is placed on a canal known as Prinsengracht, located in central Amsterdam. An audio tour, photos, videos, and the most captivating original items are all included in the visitor experience. You can book tickets for the Anne Frank House here

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