Adventure Filled Maldives Trip

The Maldives: an exotic, archipelagic set of islands in South Asia, and one of those places you can’t announce without a drag of refinement. “Heaven on Earth” isn’t just a saying- it’s a place! The Maldives are constructed as a peaceful oasis far, far away, for guests to relax and enjoy the vivid, earthly views. Aside from the glowing scenery, the hundreds of islands all yield a boost of adventure, for those who want a little more kick to their vacation. After a day filled with scuba diving, kitesurfing, and riding on a seaplane, relax and watch the sun go down at one of the Maldives’s luxury villas. If you’re too struck by the country’s prepossessing vista to create a plan for your stay, this adventure filled itinerary lays out an outline of excursions and adrenaline pumping activities, so you leave the Maldives wanting more. 

Island hopping

One of the best ways to explore each of the many, many paradisiacal islands of the Maldives is to book nights in different resorts, since each island hosts its own resort. This collection of islands is so unique, since each of the resorts is required to bring in its own resources and convey a non-conventional, aesthetically pleasing style. Guests are required to travel the islands by boat or seaplane, so make sure that you’re up for the adventure beforehand.

If city life, dance clubs, and urban bars fit your preferred vacation style, then the Maldives may not be for you. However, drinks on the beach are very encouraged, as every hotel and resort carries its own elaborate drink menu. Different islands offer excursions of their own as well, such as scuba diving and snorkeling, which are great ways to explore the islands. 

Visiting Male

Male is the capital of the Maldives, and truly offers a localized experience that differs from popular hotels and luxury resorts. Male is a popular tourist destination, and hosts local markets, shops, and restaurants. Tourists are often excited to see where local fishermen display their skills, as well as visit cultural landmarks. The National Museum, historical Mosques, cruises, dive clubs, and the Tsunami Monument are many must-see stopping points in Male. 

Kitesurfing and Jet Skiing

Amongst all of the many water sport activities in the Maldives, kitesurfing and jet skiing are two of the most invigorating. Strap up and sail over the pristine, crystallized water of the endless, Indian Ocean. Kitesurfing and jet skiing are exceptional ways to see the panoramic views of the islands, as well as experience sea life, and engage in physical activity.  If you’ve never heard of kitesurfing before, it may be a bit of challenge to dive right into the extreme sport. However, with some guidance, training, and a few practice runs, you’ll be in business. Kitesurfing uses the power of the wind to lift you in the air and glide your board just above the surface. It combines aspects of paragliding and surfing, and offers a little bit of unpredictability in reliance on the weather conditions. Jet skiing on the other hand, provides more control, as you can manually operate the speed and turning of the apparatus.  If you’re one of those travelers who enjoy fast-moving activities full of excitement,  jet skiing and kitesurfing are great choices. 

Hanging with the sea life

Snuggling up to whale sharks, swimming with giant turtles, and big game fishing are all included in the vacation plan. Complete with an underwater camera, you can observe and capture the vivid coral reefs and friendly marine life under the sea (sound like a Disney movie yet?) The species off the coast of the Maldives include moray eels, tuna, dolphins, octopus, squid, and vibrant reef fish.  Oh, and not to mention – manta rays! 

Riding in a seaplane 

It is not super common to ride a seaplane in most parts of the world. Only island chains and states or countries that are accessible strictly by boat or plane are where seaplanes reside. A seaplane is a small, compact plane that are capable of taking off and landing in the ocean. Seaplanes are normally pretty shaky due to their small size, and when wind hits passengers can feel the movement much stronger than a typical commercial airplane. For this exact reason, seaplanes can be more adventurous to ride than traditional jets or helicopters. With the addition of the shakes and bumps, seaplanes eventually land in the water – sounds a bit unsettling, we know! However, seaplanes are very safe, and pilots who fly them are highly trained. And although it may not be the most comfortable feeling to look out your window and see water quickly approaching, these fierce jets are made to crash into the waves and float their way to your drop-off point. 

Seaplanes and boats are used for transportation in the Maldives, so you’re more than likely going to end up riding on one during your stay!


Last but not least, eating! 

Time to cross, “having dinner underwater” off your travel bucket list! The Maldives hosts some of the most unique, stunning restaurants in the world. The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is part of the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort, and specializes in elegant European dishes of 6-courses. If you so choose to reserve a spot at this famous eatery, enjoy plates such as snow crab, imperial caviar, and duck tortellini. Cocktail hour is full of lavish drink concoctions to sip on while you snap photos of reef sharks, manta rays, and a plethora of fish. Ithaa is a tad bit pricey, and dinner is well over $300. While it’s worth a shot to embark on this once in a lifetime experience, be prepared for the price ahead of time and plan accordingly. 

While Ithaa may seem as glitzy as it can get, the Maldives host a list of other wonderful and delectable restaurant options. Reethi is another luxurious spot, with a mix between Asian and Italian cuisine. For family friendly occasions, consider Symphony Lagoon and Thila by Kurumba. The Maldives emphasize cuisine choices that are suitable for everyone, including vegan and vegetarian. Each restaurant consists of talented chefs, and the food speaks for itself. 

The Maldives fuse together culture, tranquility, adventure, and independence. While it may be tempting to book a flight to the islands without a second thought, traveling here takes some preparation and planning, at least to gain the most out of your trip. Most resorts and hotels aren’t anywhere near cheap, since they’re packed with spas, restaurants, bars, and other amenities. The Maldives are also a timely destination, as Male takes a day to get to from most American states, at the minimum. It’s also important to note that Male, the capital city, is a Muslim city, which means that it’s necessary to dress with shoulders and knees covered in act of cultural respect.

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