How To Travel Barcelona Like A Local

Climb Tibidabo


Tibidabo is a near 1,700 feet in the sky, and with its famous church standing at the tip-top, there’s no way to miss the mountain while strolling through the streets of Barcelona. If you looked close enough, you’ll also notice the giant ferris wheel and maybe even some roller coasters that occupy Tibidabo’s amusement park. For the most breathtaking views, however, climb to Tibidabo’s rim and take a look at how immensely large Barcelona really is.


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For the best authentic Spanish food, stop by Bodega Joan. While maintaining status as a local favorite, Bodega Joan still revels in popularity. The charming restaurant is known for its award-winning cocktails and creative beverage options, homestyle Catalan tapas, charcuterie boards, and paellas. Bodega Joan also portrays a lively, romantic vibe, perfect for any kind of occasion.


Explore Art At El Raval


El Raval is a vibrant area, with cutting-edge exhibitions at the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art and adjacent Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona. Bohemian bars, hip design shops and street art fill the surrounding streets. La Boqueria market on La Rambla avenue sells seafood, wine and tapas, while laid-back cafes line Rambla del Raval. The Maritime Museum displays replica boats in medieval shipyards.


Bike the streets


woman cycling through streets of Barcelona


Instead of walking or driving, try biking through the iconic streets of Barcelona. Barcelona offers over 124 miles of cycling lanes, and several bike rentals can be found around town. Many locals prefer cycling from point A to point B since traffic can get hectic and busy. 


Navigate Through Labryinth Park of Horta


The Labryinth of Horta is a historical garden in Barcelona, located on the former estate of the famous Desvalls family. The park consists of an 18th-century neoclassical garden shaped like a maze, with surrounding ponds and gardens. The tall hedge walls of the maze cultivate over 2,000 feet of spirals and turns for visitors to navigate, and guests who makes it to the center will discover a statue of Eros, the Greek God of Love. There are also enclaves that overlook the elaborate maze, integrating their own statues of the Greek gods.


Take A Train Ride To Montserrat


beautiful cliffs of Montserrat


An hour drive from Barcelona, the majestic, awe-inspiring mountain of Montserrat resides. Montserrat is part of the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range, and while not in the city, it should be on the bucket list of any traveler who finds themselves in Barcelona. With rugged edges and endless mountain terrain, the famous landmark is intimidating yet peaceful. The mighty mountain’s main peaks are known as Montgrós, Sant Jeroni, and Miranda de les Agulles. The best way to travel from Barcelona to Montserrat is by a scenic train ride.


Sit On The Bunkers of Carmel


Bunkers of Carmel, Barcelona


Bunkers of Carmel are barren and abandoned anti-aircraft defenses that have now grown to be one the most scenic viewpoints in Barcelona. The transformed historical landmarks are where locals often sit, relax, and find some peace from the hustle and bustle of the city. Overlooking Barcelona’s vast streets, buildings, roadways, and jaw-dropping cathedrals, Bunkers of Carmel boast truly stunning views. However, they aren’t as well known for tourists, which means if you’re on vacation you may be able to beat the crowds.


Get tapas at Bitacora


Bitacora is a renowned eatery in Barcelona, where guests enjoy delicious, authentic tapas. With a robust menu and high quality food, Bitacora is a must-try if you’re not from Barcelona. Fusing Mediterranean and Spanish cuisines, the restaurant offers several dishes other than their famous tapas and also carries an impressive wine selection.

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