4 Tips to Create Your Oasis With
Rodney Strong Wine

*This is an endorsement on behalf of Rodney Strong Vineyards

It has often been said that you don’t need to travel away from home to find that perfect oasis. I can honestly say that those people were absolutely right. With a little preparation, and a great bottle of wine, you can make any moment a little oasis to enjoy an afternoon to relax, or even make it a date with someone special. Here are 4 tips to help you get in the best mindset to enjoy a quiet moment no matter where you may be.

1. Locate a Quiet Spot Nearby


Out of all the steps, this one may take just a few minutes of thought. For me I love going out in my quiet neighborhood looking for places that are great for shooting or just taking some time to enjoy a quiet break from work. A quick glance with a map search can help you locate some nice areas, and you can see if it makes more sense to bike or drive or walk there. For me, I love riding my bike whenever I can, so it helps to have several areas nearby within a few minutes that I can bike to.

2. Prep Some Snacks


Every little oasis moment wouldn’t be complete without a few snacks and wine. My personal favorite pairing with a good wine would be some fine cheeses, a few fruits and a good baguet for slicing from one of my favorite bakeries nearby. I’m not sure about you, but this combination just puts me in an enjoyable mood. I tend to be on the tart side with fruit, so some mandarin oranges are always a good match for a nice truffle cheese or creamy brie.

3. Choose the Perfect Wine with Rodney Strong

Rodney Strong Vinyards has always been a favorite choice of mine for my own enjoyment, and also for entertaining at home. Currently one of my favorite picks has been the Sonoma County Cabernet. It is very rich with dark cherry, plum and baking spices. It has medium tannins for the palate, and the lingering spicy oak flavors have a nice velvety lush finish. 

Did you also know that Rodney Strong is a Certified Sustainable Winery? This may not count for everyone, but in recent years I have consciously chosen to support as many brands and locations that are committed to sustainability. The least we can all do is support those places that are trying to leave the world better than they found it.

4. Set the Stage and Enjoy

When you arrive at your chosen location, it’s now time to set your scene for your little oasis. Spend a few moments laying things out in an artful way, and not just haphazardly. The thought and care you put into it will make a nice and meaningful difference in your moment. Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most, even when it is just you.

Enjoy! It is your moment. Let it linger. Sip some richness from the wine. Read, enjoy, think, meditate. It is your time to step away from the stress of your everyday life and pause to reflect. Even if it is just for an hour or so, these moments matter, and you may return back with a new outlook on things.

Maybe you have big decisions ahead of you, or just taking some time to reflect on everything going on in your life. In either case, this mini oasis is for you to own those elements and be in calm control. 

The wine I choose adds to that experience and choosing the right wine for the moment really puts my mind in the right direction. 

You can experience Rodney Strong Wines for yourself by exploring them on social media @rsvinyards on Instagram and following #SipSonoma.

What are some of your favorite foods to pair with a rich Cab?

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